All the Nails I Had During 2016 – Gorgeous Nails Desings for Acrylic Nails and Your Own Nails!

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During 2015 and 2016 I’ve had huge amount of super gorgeous nails with plenty of different polishes. Today I’m sharing the ones I had during 2016. I hope you enjoy! Last year I shared my nails in one post too (click here to check that one out!)


My favorite nails of 2016 were these pointy beauties with some white, pink and silver glitter and little bit of gold glitter. These were just too me and too gorgeous!


I wanted to have something classy and simple so I took pointy red nails with one golden glitter accent nail.


White coffin shaped nails I got to look more professional in a job interview. I didn’t get that position but I won’t blame the nails. … And I got something much better a month after that one. 🙂


I tried to copy my favorites but do them coffin shaped with darker pink. These weren’t my favorites but these were just fine though.


I went a bit crazy for the summer and got these teel and gold nails with some diamonds. Super long, pointy and crazy colored. Not very me but I am happy that I gave these a change.


Light blue and some silver for the summer. These were cute though very different to what I usually prefer.


Classy red with almond-pointy shape.

IMG_3738 kopio

I just got engaged nails! These beauties are a perfect match with my ring. Cannot stop loving these – especially when paired with my gorgeous ring. That white + little silver glitter on top combo was very nice and shiny.


Some more diamonds, glitter and pink.


Back to basics – my own nails with some gel polish. Very neutral but still beautiful in my opinion. Also that little flower was super cute!


Some Halloween colors on my natural nails. Also some hand-painted lines and dots for some nice detail.

Which ones are your favorite?


    1. Haha, you would learn to type using your nails instead of fingers. With touch screens you have to use edges of your fingers to type. Might sound difficult but I got used to it super easily 🙂


    1. Actually these nails are mostly done by talented nail technicians in Itäkeskus Helsinki. So these only take 1-2 hours of my time once a month. I would never be able to do such amazing nails – especially with my left hand. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and welcome back Margot!


  1. I’ve never used such bright colors on my nails, but I have to admit they look so joyful!! I really like that photo where your nails have a teal color. And of course the one with the ring! That’s a lovely match! 🙂


    1. Thanks Trinity! The teal ones are not so much my style but I have to admit they were gorgeous and unique in their own way. The ring ones are more my style! 🙂 Clad you liked and welcome back again!


  2. Awesome styles! I love gel polish and always have mine nail professionally done because I just don’t get the same long lasting result at home. I always keep my nails quite short, wouldn’t know how to type with long nails – the flower designs are so pretty!

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    1. Thank you for your nice comment Karoliina! I loved the long and pointy nails but shorter ones sure are more practical. I always get my polish done by professional too, the quality that way is sooo much better. 🙂

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  3. Oh wow…they are really nice…I guess you have to be super careful so it doesn’t chip…I get tired of being too careful and just get my nails done when there’s a fancy occasion to the teal and gold nails

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    1. Those acrylic nails actually don’t chip very easily. I had long acrylics for around two years and I broke a nail 3 times in total. They are built to your own nails and they last way more than my own nails because they’re thicker and made of much harder material. 🙂

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  4. You do have some great designs here on the nails. The pointy one’s look dangerous. Although my daughter would really be into the designs on the nails. The flowers are very beautitufl.


    1. Thanks for the comment! The pointy ones aren’t as sharp and dangerous as they look. 🙂 I’m sure your daughter would enjoy having some art on her nails. Maybe some cute flowers could be nice? Or US flags for the independence day?

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  5. I love all the nails actually. The designs are different and inspiring. I like the shorter nails a lot since it’s cute and French-y

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