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November 2019 Wishlist

This year I have not been shopping much since I’m basically living poor student life on a study leave haha.

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How is My Life at the Moment? November 2019 Edition

It’s been like forever since I last posted here and I bet you’ve been wondering how are things at the

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Blueberry Vanilla Jelly Cake

Are you looking for a fresh cake that easy to make and almost impossible to fail? This cake a perfect

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TOP5 Valentine’s Day Surprise Ideas

First of all, happy Valentine’s Day my dear readers & followers! <3 In today’s post there is tips and tricks

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2019 Travel Plans and Goals

My travel related goals for 2019 are to a) visit at least 5 countries of which 3 new ones, b)

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10 Photography Ideas & 5 Goals for 2019

It’s time to set up some more goals for 2019! Today, it’s time for 2019 photography goals. I’ve already done

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