Day 6 in Portugal / Exotic Fish, Michelin Recommendations and a Proposal

During the sixth day in Portugal our friends went deep-sea fishing and got some exotic fish including an octopus. My boyfriend and me slept until noon and woke up when others arrived back to the house. We used your time around noon by chilling and studying (and watching others grilling and boiling their catch).

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At the afternoon we played some board games (again), chatted and tasted the fish and had some small snack. With my bf we were also getting ready for the date, because he had booked a table for us two in a restaurant Nau dos Corvos in Peniche. It’s a Michelin recommendation restaurant with outstanding views, beautiful setting and excellent food and service.

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Our dinner included:

– Appetizer soups (vegetable soup & fish soup) that were tasty and balanced, 4/5

– Main courses (chicken & steak with antique mustard sauce) were both amazing, high-quality meat prepared perfectly compared with al-dente vegetables was nice – you should try the steak, it was earthshakingly good, 5/5

– Desserts (chocolate cake with icecream and fresh fruits & chocolate profiteroles) were both delicious. Profiteroles could have something fresh with them but otherwise the desserts were perfect, 4.5/5

– To drink we had recommended sparkling wine, which was also really good, 4/5


That place at that night was also very important for us two because I’ll have my amazing boyfriend for the rest of my life and I’ll also the most beautiful engagement in ring reminding me about that wonderful person and this night = couldn’t be any happier! I love you Hun!❤

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The proposal was very beautiful and romantic. We had had amazing appetizers and main courses. Just before the sunset we went to the terrace of the restaurant and took our sparkling with us. We were watching the sun setting behind Berlungas Island (the same island near which we were diving two days before), it made our 360 view to turn into all beautiful colors. We were chatting and enjoying the moment when he told that he has “one question to ask” then he kneel down to propose me with a stunning ring of my dreams.

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When we got back to the house our friends (that saw our big news from Facebook haha) had set a table and cooked us crepes and strawberries with whipped cream. We also shared a bottle of 1998 wine we bought from Quinta do Sanguinhal winery couple days earlier. It was nice to share that special moment with friends and have nice chat, good wine and homemade desserts. Thanks everyone to making that night unforgettable!

Day 5 in Portugal / Lazy Day at the Beach


Our fifth day in Portugal was a lazy day. We started it with some grocery shopping because we were out of breakfast food. After getting food and eating we had fun time all together by playing some board games that some of us brought (tip for you travelling in a group: share responsibilities – one brings beach volley, another graps Frisbee and some of the others can take board games, cards and Bluetooth speaker!). Playing together was punch of great laughs and good memories.

After playing for a good while we headed to beach to get some more tan and to play beach volley. That’s by the way one great things of traveling together – you can play volleyball, Frisbee golf and do a lot more things than when traveling alone or with your partner.



Because playing made us hungry we went to beach restaurant to grap some food and drinks. This time we didn’t go to Mar Azul but to the another beach restaurant, Clube de Praia. This one had okay but not too special food. Their mojitos were good but caipirinhas weren’t. They had fresh ingredients, which was great the food could have been better though. I would go to this place for mojitos but otherwise I recommend you going to Mar Azul.


After food we had some more board games and watched soccer and had late dinner in Praia dos Sabores, a local pizzeria. Pizzas are their specialty and they are delicious, we also tried burgers and steaks here but you should stick in pizzas because they are in whole different level compared to other food this restaurant offers.


Beach life❤

Fresh Green Smoothie Bowl

Healthy beginning for this week is Fresh Green Smoothie Bowl. It’s a delicious and super fresh mint lovers favorite with an amazing greenish color. This smoothie bowl is made of fruits, vegetables and herbs – deliciously healthy! I hope you guys enjoy!




Fresh Green Smoothie Bowl

2-3 bowls

1/2 Green Apple (for example Granny Smith)

Juice of one fresh lime

1/2 cup of fresh mint

10cm (4 inches) cucumber

1 cup mango

3dl (1.5cup) milk

4 ice cubes


Mix all the ingredients in a blender, pour to bowls, decorate and enjoy!




Have a healthy week guys and girls!


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