Wine Shelves from Ikea

We got so much wine as an engagement gifts (and already had some before those) that we decided to buy some kind of storing solution for them. We browsed through half of the Internet – most of the wine shelves are either huge or super expensive or both. After couple hours of browsing I found something that fits our needs – Ikea wine shelves. They are made of wood, are so small that they fit in a closet and you can apply 1-3 pieces on top of each other if you want more storage – perfect! And the price was around 10€ (12$) each.


Space we had was a part of our closet. It’s in coldest part of  our apartment, had some space available and protects the wine from sunlight.


My boyfriend is putting together the pieces of our shelves – and it’s starting to look ready, yeah!:) These shelves are btw from “Hutten” series of Ikea, in case your interested to get your own one(s).


Closet❤ Hutten = Perfect match!


And the second piece fits in too, just the wine bottles are missing


In total this shelf has spots for 18 wine bottles. It’s better for slimmer red and white bottles than thicker ones. If you would fill this with sparkling, only 2 bottles would fit in row, which makes 12 in total. Luckily we have more reds & whites at the moment.:)

Nail Update (Pink & Bling)

My July 2016 nails are super girly and luxurious with plenty of pink and bling. I love to have girly colorful nails for the summer time and because my engagement ring is so bling I kind of has to have bling on my nails to make them match it, really right?😉 Or even if it’s not a must it looks darn good though! 
These nails are acrylic stilettos with pink gel polish and small, clear diamonds. My index finger is some kind of acrylic mass that includes silver glitter.

Engagement Party Gifts (Tips & Experiences)

Today I’ll write about what gifts we got just to a) share you how great surprises our friends and family gave us and b) help you when you’re thinking what should you give to someone on his / her engagement day. I hope you enjoy!:)

1. Wine or the couples favorite drink

We got around 10 bottles of different wines because our friends know how much we enjoy learning about wine. In general anything related to couples hobbies and things they love are good gifts. If they don’t use alcohol go with tea set or special coffee for example.


2. DIY gifts

These are always cute and it shows that the giver has been giving a lot of effort to do something special. We got home made raspberry jam and homemade box full of everything cute and yummy.


3. Gift cards

This is always a good one. Especially if they already have everything and want to choose themselves what to get and when. Just make sure you give the card to store they like or that has so many different things that they can for sure find something nice. Also cards to restaurants, spas and such luxuries are excellent gifts! We got couple cards to big multi brand stores and one to spa hotel.

4. Flowers

This is very common and nice gift. Especially for couples who love flowers this is a must. We got plenty of roses and some other flowers too.


5. Glassware, tableware, etc.

This kind of gifts are great especially if couple has just moved together and doesn’t already have this kind of things. In my opinion it’s always wise to ask wishes if you want to buy glass or tableware. We got set of Riedel Overtune Red Wine glasses that are in my opinion best basic wine tasting classes. We also got some Moomin cups which I’m collecting and some baking ware.


+ Everything cute or funny that suits to that specific couple is great. We got super nice smoothie glasses with straws, hearth shaped box of chocolates, some lottery tickets (big money was soooo close haha), cute serviettes… Thanks all for amazing gifts! We weren’t expecting to get that much everything nice.❤

Our Engagement Party Day in Photos

We got engaged 1st of July this year and had our engagement party 31s of July. Earlier I’ve shared you my outfit and the planning process but today I’ll share some photos of the Day. We had around 70 quests in total that arrived between 3-7pm. The party was in my boyfriend’s parents’ house. We did all the decorations, cakes, etc. ourselves.

To make people enjoy we had of course food and drinks but we also had made our own playlist that was played both indoors and outdoors. We also had a photo show about our year running in TV, it was around 200 photos in that one, but well, we’ve done a whole punch of things in 361 days  that we had been together before the proposal.

My boyfriends parents had all so set us a surprise that included a speech and a song about love. It was very sweet for them! Otherwise the party was having good time with all the friends and relatives, enjoying beautiful sunny weather and chatting.

Now to the photos:






Quests indoors



Quests outdoors


Gift table / room


When everyone had left we finally remembered that someone should take a photo of us too.😀

Ps. All the photos without my copyright sign are taken by my boyfriends dad, thank you!

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