Fitness Dreams, Could I Go to the Stage One Day?


It was the year 2006 when I went to gym for the very first time. It was the gym of the local swimming hall in my hometown. It was small, old school gym with barbells and bars and not too modern facilities.

At that time I was playing volleyball and doing running and aerobic for fun. I had also competed in cross country skiing. I got to gym actually only because back then it was free if you went swimming too. That gym was a nice little side business for the swimming hall.

Since then I’ve been training more or less actively all these years. At some point I was planning to go to junior Body Building competition but it wasn’t mentally as easy as I thought. Dieting required more sleeping and made everyday life very different, also getting comments of my look wasn’t the easiest thing to deal with, I was very young back then, I had just turned 18. I’m happy that I had a bad flu just before I was supposed to compete because I’m not sure how well I would have processed all the feedback that always isn’t only beautiful.

Since then I’ve sometimes thought “could I?” Could I show all people who where throwing out their nasty comments that I can handle those, look good and compete one day. Now I understand how hard that world is and what it requires to compete in sport that’s more about physics than just tossing a volleyball around.

At one point I was thinking to start powerlifting but after a very painful back injury I realized that it’s not for me. I love training with big weights and I love the feeling of being strong but I’ll rather listen to my body and make sure that I won’t break myself again. It’s good to realize that after sports career / hobby you have to live the rest of your live with that same body.

During December I decided to stop eating out so much and to get back to homemade food for couple of reasons a) money and b) I’d love to get my fit body back. I used to have six pack on quite low body fat but when I lost my motivation to any kind of competition my eating habits have been not too healthy though they could have been worse.

I got very energetic and it was inspiring to feel healthier every day. Right now I’m working on losing 20 pounds within year 2017. I keep cooking my food and I also plan to concentrate more on sleeping and exercising. From last times on diet I realized that without sleeping and good balance in your life you cannot survive through losing over 10 pounds.

After getting some of the fat out of my body I’ll concentrate more on getting some more muscles. My first goal during next couple years is to get healthier and stronger. I want to lose weight and gain muscle but still be able not to rush and to live my life. I have plenty of  other fun things and my job and studies to do in addition to fit life.

Even thought this is the beginning of some changes the thought of “could I?” came back to my mind. I’d win myself and all those suspicious people by going to the stage and doing good there. If I go, I want to have happy and balanced situation around and to be sure that I can look excellent and handle the feedback whatsoever.

I might be writing some posts about my progress during next couple years. This is blog won’t though be a fitness blog. 🙂 Posts about my fit project can be found in new category: Fit Life.

How to Get in Shape and Stay Fit Healthy?


It’s again that time of the year, the beginning. You might have just done your resolutions and decide to get in shape. It’s a great idea and to might be super excited, try still remember following things.

1) Don’t Overdo it

I think this is the reason why so many people give up before it’s February. If you have been inactive for last eleven months you cannot start training to marathon by running an hour everyday. Whatever you’re target is remember to start slowly and leave space for progression.

Add some more workouts and learn new healthier recipes. Especially if you haven’t done too much exercise during last month(s) start with couple workouts a week. It’s easier to add them slowly and keep progressing if you don’t burn yourself out during the first week. Overdoing your training and diet also increases your risk for injury.

2) Do Different Kind of Workouts

Don’t stick in one way of training, vary your workouts daily and weekly. Remember to do cardio, muscle training and some stretching. This decrease change of injury and helps you keeping healthy and motivated.

3) Remember to Take Care of Yourself and Listen to Your Body

This is very important! If your schedule says you have high intensity interval training today but every part of your body hurts respect your body and don’t break it. Instead of high intensity training do stretching or go to hot stone massage. Make sure you take extra good care of yourself especially when you’re on diet or your having a goal in mind.

Of course you cannot always be in the best mindset and physical state but when you feel that you cannot complete your training in good or even okay level it’s just better to relax for day or two and then carry on training. Never workout when you’re sick or super tired.

4) Remember to Sleep and Relax

Balance is very important when you’re reaching out something that you really want. Especially when it’s a lifestyle change or getting in fit. Everyone can exercise for some amount of time and all of us can force ourselves to eat broccoli but that’s no the whole truth.

To carrying on in the path of healthy living and fitness and wellness you have to enjoy the journey. You actually need to enjoy cooking that broccoli and going to gym. It’s so much easier to enjoy doing so when you’re well rested, relaxed and have also other good and fun things in your life. Sometimes it’s better for your diet to sleep than woke up 5am for a run.

5) Don’t Give Up!

And finally remember, it’s not always easy. It won’t always be easy. It’s not supposed to be always easy. It’s just life and like everything in life your motivation and condition might have it’s ups and downs but it’s normal. Just try to keep your goals clear and think about what you’ve achieved and what you still want to achieve.

None of us has started today and been in perfect shape tomorrow. It just doesn’t happen in one day or one month. It takes time but if being fit is something you’ve always wanted and you really want it’s worth it. Just remember to keep working hard every day and don’t give up!

I wish you all the best to 2017. Have a happy and healthy year my dear readers! ❤

The Best Moments of Year 2016

In this post I’ll sum up my year 2016 with twelve collages – one for each month. 🙂 I’ll also write a bit about every collage to make sure you know what’s each one about. I had an amazing year with huge amount of nice people around me, some exiting travels in Europe and new jobs.

Last year I did a post about the best moments and things I had during 2015 (read it here). I found it fun to have my year wrapped up in a one post with all favorite things from that year in little collages. This time I’ll wrap up my 2016 with similar way. I hope you enjoy!




During January we tried new brunches somewhere in Helsinki about every weekend (and sometimes twice a weekend). It was fun to get to know all the different restaurants and menus and it was also a nice way to spend some time when we wanted to do something together but not to go out when it was super snowy and cool there. To make sure a survive that cold time my spouse’s mom had made me pair of wool socks. During January we also visited a wedding expo in Helsinki (we’ll be going again this year!) and I had my all time favorite nails. 🙂





During February we did some outdoor things like cross-country skiing in my home town and enjoying some good wine under blankets in our balcony. We also visited my childhood friend and had superb Valentine’s Day together.





At the beginning of March I got some brown to my hair after being completely blonde for an year. I had really nice looking hair then (and super pretty eyelashes). I also loved how the weather got more and more sunny and warm during March that berry smoothie shot is there to demonstrate that. We also had some really good food – a five course dinner in Restaurant Passio in Helsinki for my birthday and an amazingly delicious Easter dinner with around 40 relatives.





At the beginning of April we were enjoying London an Paris – visiting all the sights, eating local food, walking around and taking photos and just enjoying the holiday. During April we also had plenty of good time with friends. In the first picture is my friend who is an actor that photo is there because we went to watch him perform with punch of friends. We wanted to give him some flowers but we knew that they might not last too long. Well, guys thought that cactus would be a good choice, haha. The second picture is from a wine tasting we hosted.





May was a great month what comes to weather here in Finland. It was very nice and warm all the time and nature was very beautiful earlier than usually. During May I was able to wear nice clothes, play beach volley, see some gorgeous sunsets and eat fresh and healthy by exploring smoothie bowls.





In June there was a 20s theme party at my work, it was a lot of fun! I also visited London for a week. During June my spouse’s cousin got married and at the end of the month we traveled to Portugal with a bunch of friends. Quite many things happened during June and I have huge amount of photos but I think these are the most important things from June.





I just wrote that many things happened during June but there was even more things and photos from July. At the beginning of the month we were in Portugal enjoying the sun and relaxing. We also got engaged there. … And outlet shopped a bit. 🙂 Two last photos are from our engagement party. I got my passion to baking back and made us some nice pastries and cakes for our engagement party, I also got some nice pics of my outfit.





During August we kept enjoying the summer in Finland. We had plenty of nice picnics around, went golfing couple of times and spend a long weekend in a summer cottage nearby sea. We also (finally) bought our very own wine shelves.





During September there was couple of nice parties – like my friends housewarming party from which the first outfit pic is. The second picture is from a Viking Restaurant Harald which we visited with my mom. That’s quite fun concept they have – there are viking music and decor and all the food is of course viking style too. We also had my brother’s dog (the cute friend seen in third picture) visiting us for couple of weeks. It was nice to have that little guy making us exercise more outdoors! The last picture is there to demonstrate how beautiful fall in Finland can sometimes be. The photo is taken in Kuopio campus of University of Eastern Finland.





During October we visited Food and Wine Expo and explored some new wines in Helsinki. It was fun, because we’ve been tasting wines and visiting wineries in central Europe but this was our very first time in Finland when we went to an organised wine tasting event. We also stayed in beautiful castle-like Hotel Glo in downtown Helsinki which was very nice experience -especially compared to price! Additionally we had our friend graduating and to celebrate that she hosted a graduation brunch for friends.





In November we got to try some cool cars in Car 2016 expo in Helsinki. We also enjoyed Christmas lights of the city and visited Haikko Hotel & Spa in Porvoo. Moreover we hosted a delicious cake and sparkling tasting for friends.





In December I got a new ombre hair style which is very different but nice chance to my blonde. I also played with my style for a James Bond theme party where I was Jill Masterson from 007 Goldfinger. We also got exited of homemade food and cooked couple of delicious dishes and baked a Christmas cake which didn’t turn out to as beautiful as I wished but gosh it was super delicious!



How was your year? What were the very best moments?

New Years Resolutions 2017


It’s again the time of the year when it’s time to say good by to the last year and say hello to new one. I have a tradition to do plenty of New Years Resolutions and last year I decided to make them public. Today I’m doing the same with my 2017 resolutions, so here we go…


1. Studies & Work
– pass all the medical courses
– do at least 50 credits (25 US credits) of economics
– do my best everyday at work
– work 40-60 hours a week during spring = get a second job
– earn money for a) new camera + lens, b) new Mac, c) trip to Europe, d) part of the wedding budget + some extra
– learn to use inDesign and Lightroom, and improve my photoshop skills


2. Live Healthy & Look Good
– stick with 470kcal of exercise a day goal, reach it at least 5 times a week
– exercise at least 3-5 times a week
– try at least 3 new sports
– learn to bowl
– become a better golfer (and finally get a green card)
– eat more greens
– keep drinking a lot of water
– cook healthy food more often
– lose at least 20pounds (10kilos) in a healthy -2pounds/month way during 2017


3. Travel & Explore
– travel the Europe, explore at least 10 countries (for example Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia)
– have a mini holidays in Finland at least twice
– learn to drive a stick car
– do post(a) about must sees in Finland
– keep exploring different events in Finland
+ if possible I’d like to participate in at least one blogger meeting / event 🙂
– do honeymoon travel planning + post about ideas and plans


4. Improve My Social Media & Related

– Write at least 5 quest posts to others
– Publish at least 5 quest posts in this blog (read this if you’re interested in a collab!)
– Do at least 5 sponsored posts
– Get more visits, visitors, likes and comments than last year
– Get tags and categories even more clear
– Update Instagram around 5-10 times a week
– Be more active in LinkedIn and keep it up to date
– Leave more comments to blogs and Instagram


5. Be Social
– Meet friends and do something fun as often as last year
– Enjoy cultural activities every month (theater, ballet, museums, etc)
– Get to know some of my new course mates, and network in general
– Organize something fun with friends at least 1-2 times a month (wine tastings, beach volley, board game nights, etc)

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