New Skyr Flavors on Review

What’s the very best of the new Skyr Flavors? That’s a question I’ll offer an answer today.

Skyr an Icelandic brand which makes dairy products that is high in protein and low in fat. They have different flavors that are very nutritious and most of them also taste very good. I fall instantly in love with their products when they started selling to Finland. Today I’ll review some of the new flavors. Comment if you like this! I’d be happy to buy and review other flavors too if you guys are interested! 🙂

If you want live healthy these products can a great snack for you! I’m training hard at gym and that’s why I want to eat some high protein snacks. These are lifesavers especially if you’re having a busy day but you still want something good that’s not killing your diet. If you want more carbs to your snack just add some berries or fruit!


1. Blueberry Pie (mustikkapiirakka)
– includes real blueberries
– tastes actually like a sweet blueberry pie
– cute pinkish lila color


2. Peach (Persikka)
– includes real yummy peaches
– some lemon in taste, quite close to real peach in taste though


3. Cookies ‘n Cream
– looks like cookie dough!
– funny texture – like cookie dough mixed with creek yoghurt
– I can find cookie taste when I know what to look for but the taste isn’t very strong
– doesn’t taste artificial


4. Honey & Vanilla (Hunaja-vanilja)
– dots from real vanilla
– strong honey taste, taste is quite artificial
– soft and nice texture


5. Crème Brûlée
– looks and smells like creme brulee
– soft but artificial taste
– good soft texture
– I’m missing the crunchy surface of actual brulee


6. Coconut (Kookos)
– tastes like Malibu (Coconut Rum)
– strong, artificial taste
– soft texture

Have you tried any Skyr-products? Which one is your favorite? 

Ps. This post is not sponsored, I shopped these all myself. 🙂

Stylish White & Red Spring Outfit



It’s soon March and before we realize the winter has turned into the spring and soon the summer is here. To offer you some inspiration of spring / summer I’ll share you this collage I made with Polyvore.

I love how summery, delicate and feminine but still balanced this outfit is. I think the combination of masculine, graphic design of the tote bag and the pencil skirt works well with more feminine shirt, rosa watch and Paris themed iPhone cover. This outfit is combination of Parisian romance and successful business woman.

After losing couple more pounds I could definitely use every single piece of this outfit.

Would you wear something like this? Why? Why not?

Ps. If the answer is yes, you can shop it here! 🙂

Eight Tips How to Maintain Energy


When the life is busy your body needs even more attention and care. Even though we all know that it’s still sometimes hard to find time for cooking, relaxing and even sleeping, when your body and mind need those the most.


Today I’ll share you some tips that have helped me to maintain energy. If you’re new here, I’m doing two jobs (around 50 hours a week in total), I’m studying in university, blogging and training at gym 5 times a week. I guess I can say I’m being quite busy haha.


Eight Tips How to Maintain Energy


  1. Cook as Nutritious Food as Possible




In general cooking your own food can be the healthiest option. Remember to eat greens in every meal and try different foods.


Give attention to nutritional values of the ingredients: prefer fresh vegetables, whole wheat and non-processed food. Learn to cook something that’s both healthy and delicious that makes maintaining energy so much easier!


  1. Always Have Healthy Snack Ready to Go


Learn to do and buy healthy snacks and always have them ready for busy days. I always have some nuts, protein bars and fresh fruits at home. Also ingredients for a smoothie (LINK TO SMOOTHIES TAG) are a must! It’s so much easier to eat healthy when you don’t have to panic shop your snacks.


  1. Find Better Options in Restaurants




If you eat out a lot, you should find some healthy and nutritious options to maintain energy. If you eat pizza everyday I bet you don’t feel very good after it. Finding restaurants with tasty salads have been a lifesaver for me. You can also try something like salmon or tofu with mashed potatoes and veggies.


Some restaurants tell the nutritional values or ingredients but in general the greener and less processed looking the food is it tends to be better for you. Try to avoid very salty or sugary foods because they usually decrease your energy levels after a while from eating them.


  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated


Remember also to drink a lot of water throughout the day! This will keep you hydrated and make sure your energy levels don’t drop because of dehydration. This is essential especially if you live in a warm environment and when it’s summertime.


  1. Relax whenever you can




Take some time for yourself when you can. Go to a massage when you have an afternoon off or take a power nap. My Apple Watch has also brought 1-minute deep breathing exercises to my breaks. It amazing how much something so simple can decrease your stress levels and gives you energy.


Sometimes when I’m having a day off I have a temptation to wake up 6am schedule my every second. It’s okay to do so, sometimes. However you should remember to sleep when you can. And you’ll for sure be more effective when you’re well rested.


  1. Have a planner or use your phones notes


What a stress reliever it is to have all written down! You don’t then have to remember where to be next or what you have promised to your friends. You can relax and know that everything is written down and you can get back to those for planning when you have time. And you can focus on what you’re doing right now, instead of focusing on everything you should do in future.


You can use a planner to plan your meals and snacks so that you don’t have to think about them when you’re tired and hungry. It’s also good when creating a balanced combination of work, workouts, rest and social life.



  1. Sometimes multitasking is a lifesaver


We all know that doing multiple things at the same time is not the most effective way to operate. But if you’re as busy as I am this can be a lifesaver! For example when I’m at gym doing cardio I like to take care of my social at the same time. Indoor cycling does not require very much attention so instead of just doing it I can take care of my social too.


I also like combining my lunches with seeing my spouse. Sometimes we both work long hours but it’s nice to have a lunch and chat together with him or with friends when possible. Also having a lunch with colleagues is a good way to relax for a moment between all the working. Being social is a good way to relieve stress and maintain energy levels. Nobody can work without some breaks so remember to enjoy your lunch break with a good company and nutritious food when possible!



  1. Do things you love




Your time is limited; every day is only 24 hours. Don’t waste those by doing things you don’t enjoy. When you do things you are passionate about you can easily work a lot and be busy but still remain happy and joyful.


If you don’t enjoy your job, hobby or studies, find something you love. Especially what comes to hobbies – they are quite easy to change and they should be things you do only because you enjoy them. What comes to studies and hobbies have a goal and a plan to achieve it. Of course there might be some courses or days you don’t love but it’s still remember that the goal is something you really want and what motivates you.



All the thoughts in this post are all mine and not sponsored. However I came across this really great promo for you guys!  By using the promo code GOBLOG30, you can shop GoMacro. They provide gluten free, soy free, organic and vegan protein bars that will help you maintain your energy levels.  You’ll get them with a 30% discount!


I hope you enjoyed the post. It would be interesting to hear your tips and tricks at the comment section, thanks! 🙂

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