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Hotel Marylebone London on Review

Today it’s time to review the hotel Marylebone in which I stayed for a week at June. Shortly the hotel

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Day Off in London & The Best Thai Restaurant in London

We started our travel day in lounge in Helsinki Airport. After 2.5 hour flight we took a taxi hotel (prices from

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Week in London / Couple Tips to London

Hello from London! 🙂 I was last week in London in work-related training. Mostly the days included training, food and

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Upcoming Travels

    Hello my wonderful readers! I hope you have had an amazing June so far! Today I want to

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The Truth of Time Spent in Luxurious Hotels

People spending time in luxurious places such as 5 star hotels, Michelin restaurants, lounges, etc. might considered boring and serious. Is

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Hotel Review: Grand City Hotel Kensington, London, UK

We stayed in Grand City Hotel Kensington hotel at the beginning of April 2016. Today I’m sharing a review about the

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