Fitness Dreams, Could I Go to the Stage One Day?

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It was the year 2006 when I went to gym for the very first time. It was the gym of the local swimming hall in my hometown. It was small, old school gym with barbells and bars and not too modern facilities.

At that time I was playing volleyball and doing running and aerobic for fun. I had also competed in cross country skiing. I got to gym actually only because back then it was free if you went swimming too. That gym was a nice little side business for the swimming hall.

Since then I’ve been training more or less actively all these years. At some point I was planning to go to junior Body Building competition but it wasn’t mentally as easy as I thought. Dieting required more sleeping and made everyday life very different, also getting comments of my look wasn’t the easiest thing to deal with, I was very young back then, I had just turned 18. I’m happy that I had a bad flu just before I was supposed to compete because I’m not sure how well I would have processed all the feedback that always isn’t only beautiful.

Since then I’ve sometimes thought “could I?” Could I show all people who where throwing out their nasty comments that I can handle those, look good and compete one day. Now I understand how hard that world is and what it requires to compete in sport that’s more about physics than just tossing a volleyball around.

At one point I was thinking to start powerlifting but after a very painful back injury I realized that it’s not for me. I love training with big weights and I love the feeling of being strong but I’ll rather listen to my body and make sure that I won’t break myself again. It’s good to realize that after sports career / hobby you have to live the rest of your live with that same body.

During December I decided to stop eating out so much and to get back to homemade food for couple of reasons a) money and b) I’d love to get my fit body back. I used to have six pack on quite low body fat but when I lost my motivation to any kind of competition my eating habits have been not too healthy though they could have been worse.

I got very energetic and it was inspiring to feel healthier every day. Right now I’m working on losing 20 pounds within year 2017. I keep cooking my food and I also plan to concentrate more on sleeping and exercising. From last times on diet I realized that without sleeping and good balance in your life you cannot survive through losing over 10 pounds.

After getting some of the fat out of my body I’ll concentrate more on getting some more muscles. My first goal during next couple years is to get healthier and stronger. I want to lose weight and gain muscle but still be able not to rush and to live my life. I have plenty of Β other fun things and my job and studies to do in addition to fit life.

Even thought this is the beginning of some changes the thought of “could I?” came back to my mind. I’d win myself and all those suspicious people by going to the stage and doing good there. If I go, I want to have happy and balanced situation around and to be sure that I can look excellent and handle the feedback whatsoever.

I might be writing some posts about my progress during next couple years. This is blog won’t though be a fitness blog. πŸ™‚ Posts about my fit project can be found in new category: Fit Life.


  1. Please do so! I have many friends among bodybuilders and bikini competitors and I know how hard it is… I also saw many people not being able to handle it in their mind so yes please, make sure you can go through all of that feedback! And let us know in upcoming posts, I’ll support you all the way!

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    1. Oh Mishy! Your comment just made my day, thanks for those kind words hon! I really want to train and eat clean with no rush to the stage at first. I want to look good and make sure that I’m mentally ready if (when) I go there. Thank you for your support! I’ll post about this topic in future for sure.


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