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Gorgeous White and Glitter Stiletto Nails – Acrylic Nails are Back!

Do you love long nails that last without breaking for weeks? Have you faced issues with your nails breaking easily

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All the Nails I Had During 2016 – Gorgeous Nails Desings for Acrylic Nails and Your Own Nails!

During 2015 and 2016 I’ve had huge amount of super gorgeous nails with plenty of different polishes. Today I’m sharing

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Nail Update (Pink & Bling)

  My July 2016 nails are super girly and luxurious with plenty of pink and bling. I love to have

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Bling Bling Summer Nails

For July I got gorgeous white & rose nails with some silver glitter and diamonds. These could be somebody’s wedding

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Nail Update – Red Acrylic Stilettos

Classy, sexy, rock’n roll, hot, bright, color of love etc. That’s only a few things that red nails are. Lately

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Blue & Silver Stiletto Nails

It’s time for a nail update beauties! My May nails have been these beautiful acrylic stilettos with light blue gel

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