Nails Dec 2014 – Dec 2015

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I fell in love with gel & acrylic nails during fall 2014. At first I had gel ones but I soon realised that they doesn’t last more than week or two on me so I turned to acrylics. That has been a great success. Acrylic nails last like forever but of course my nails grow so I go to repair them every 3-5 weeks. Below you can see my nail journey from short square shaped ones to my long, sharp and pointy babies. 🙂


December 2014 – January 2015: Gel nails with transparent, white and glitter polish and some flowers.

IMG_20150110_234510 kopio

January – February 2015: I broke one of my nails in a pole dancing accident so nobody could do me gels or acrylics. Thus I had just gel polish for one month so that my nail could heal.


March-April 2015: I had similar french manicure acrylic nails twice in row. This was a good design to begin with. Because of it I realised how long-lasting acrylic nails are. In addition these made my life easier and looked great then.


May 2015: Acrylic nails with regular nail polish, beautiful but the polish lasted only two weeks.


June 2015: Acrylic nails in pointy shape with regular shiny coral toned polish. Super beautiful summer nails. These made me realise how nice and easy this shape is.


July 2015: Acrylic nails with gel polish. Some glitter and 10 diamonds in total, my most glamorous nails so far – pure love! ❤


August 2015: Acrylic nails with gel polish. Aqua green & white polish, 20 diamonds and 32 little pearls. The pearls where not too good idea because I moved with these nails and all the packing was kind of nightmare because all the pearls and big diamonds drop during it.


August-September 2015: Simplified design of my July nails. Beautiful and classy with some glittery twist.


September-October 2015: Acrylic nails with pinkish peach toned gel polish and 10 small diamonds. “Miami nails”


October-November 2015: Acrylic nails with gel polish. 5th Avenue’s horror movie theme was my inspiration to these luxurious nails with hint of gothic style.


November-December 2015: Acrylics with white gel polish. I wanted something simple with winter theme so I ended up to this pure white fresh design.


December 2015: Acrylic nails with gel polish. Christmas inspired me to this desing.

Which ones are your favourites? 

Ps. You can read and see more photos of all the nails under “Nails” tag. 🙂

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