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Scandinavian Home Decoration – My Apartment #2

Anyone looking some Scandinavian home decoration inspiration? Today I’ll share modern, light colored and beautiful decoration of my apartment number

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Apartment #2 – I Bought an Apartment, Should You Do the Same?

Have you guys ever lived with random roommate(s)? Usually that’s just fine but sooner or later you happen to get

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How and Why to Grow Your Own Herbs?

This year we decided to grow some herbs on our balcony. Herbs are great because they are both beautiful and

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Some November Shopping

Above: the new wine cooler Above: new wine cooler and new Riedel classes Lately I’ve been trying to save some

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Chrismas is Almost Here! :)

Hello honeys! I just want to share some of my love to Christmas with you today. During last couple weeks

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Wine Shelves from Ikea

We got so much wine as an engagement gifts (and already had some before those) that we decided to buy

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