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Do you have a question or idea for a post? Would you like to send me some feedback? Do you need help with navigating here? Or do just want to get to know me better and tell me how are you?


Would you like to do a guest post for Or would you like me to write for you? Or should us write posts about the same topic or host a giveaway together? I’d love to hear your ideas – big and small. I love to collaborate with other bloggers blogging about lifestyle, wellness, travel or style. Tell me your idea via email and I’ll get back to you within 7 days!



For Companies


I’m interested campaigns and events related to lifestyle, wellness, travel and style niches. I can do reviews about products or services, write an article to your company’s blog, and I’d love to participate your events for bloggers. I don’t do any advertising or affiliate linking here. Please hit me with an email including your ideas so that we can discuss them further. I’ll get back to you within 7 days in case I’m interested.

Ps. If you have a food and cooking related article or product in mind, please check my cooking & baking blog Yummycado.



Contact Information


Nora Tarvus

nora.tarvus[a] (substitute [a] with @)

Instagram, Facebook: @dreamerachievernora

Location: I’m living Finland at the moment but during 2019 I’ll be visiting at least Switzerland and Madeira, probably also couple other locations abroad


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