Gorgeous White and Glitter Stiletto Nails – Acrylic Nails are Back!

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Do you love long nails that last without breaking for weeks? Have you faced issues with your nails breaking easily or are you tired of doing your nail polish every couple days? Acrylic nails can be the solution to your issues!




As you guys might remember I’ve had plenty of different nail designs over the years. See my previous nail designs from these posts:


In case you wonder where is 2017 update there isn’t one because of my work and studies.  I mean, I school prohibits having even nail polish and what comes to work I could have nails but they do some tasks significantly harder to accomplish.


Once again during 2018, my studies forced me to have my own nails during the wintertime but during the summer I can still have beautiful acrylic nails – and that’s definitely what I’ll do. This time I got new nails to be prepared for our wedding. The wedding isn’t quite yet but I wanted to try a design that I can have for the wedding as well.


I wanted to have something fresh and beautiful yet luxurious. I was first thinking of almond-shaped french manicures but then I realized that french mani isn’t really my thing. I love unique designs, stiletto shape and bling bling. So I did a compromise and stayed with quite neutral decorations but still got the stiletto shape that I love.




These nails of mine are acrylic stilettos with white and silver glitter gel polishes on top. At least on my nails, acrylic ones are the only ones that actually last for weeks. Also, the gel polish is great because it remains beautiful for 3-5 weeks on acrylic nails.


Earlier I’ve had gel and powder gel nails as well but both dropped within couple weeks. I guess you just have to try different ones to figure out which ones are the best for you and your nails.




What kind of nails do you like?


    1. Coffin nails look great too! I just find it easier for me to operate in everyday life with stilettos. And thank you for the comment and compliment 😍


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