Annual Price of Beauty & Money Saving Challenge for Me

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Price of Beauty

– Nails every 3-4 weeks around 60€

– Eyelashes every 4 weeks around 60€

– Hairdresser every 4-5 weeks around 80€

– Solarium 10 times 70€

– Gym 70€/month

– Clothes, accessories, etc around 3000€ annually

– Makeups around 500€ annually

– Shampoos / hair products around 15€ / month

Total: 7030€/year = 586€/month


After thinking about my spending to just beauty I started to think how much do I actually spend monthly in total (including apartment, food, beauty, activities, travels, etc.). I ended up to approx. 2200€ (around 2400$) in a month. That’s quite a lot for a regular month. Thus I decided to challenge myself for February.


Money Saving Challenge for Me

I’m going to cut my spending to half. That means no shopping expensive luxury stuff (that I love, snif) such as clothes, watches, bags, etc. and eating (and drinking) out less.



Apartment 400€ (my part)

Phone 25€

Lashes 60€

Hair 80€

Nails 60€

Gym 70€

= 695€

… Thus I’ll have 405€ for food and fun

What do guys think can I make this? Could you? Feel free to your own budget and join!


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