Holiday in Finland

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Usually I travel all my holidays. Last time I went to the US and the next one will be Paris and London. However at the beginning of the February I had two weeks of in Finland. What did I do?


1. Social media:

I did a lot of blogging – I hosted a giveaway, did plenty of smoothie recipes and looks for future. Furthermore I did my first blogger collaborations. Other social media forms played a big role on my holiday too.





2. Meeting relatives living in other parts of the country.

I visited my childhood friends, my mom and my bf’s friend who had move away from the capital region. It was great drive around, eat mom’s cookings and meet people I haven’t seen for a while. Moreover my dad who’s leaving in NZ at the moment visited.



3. Meeting my bf’s relatives.

His brother graduated and his cousin got a baby so we met all his relatives twice during my holiday. We also hung out with his brothers, friends and parents couple times.


4. Did a lot of (weird) sports from skiing to ballroom via hot stretching and gym.




5. Celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together.

I got teddy tiger, a lot of red roses and a card. We went to Valentine’s brunch, had great time together and ended the night with fine dining in restaurant Kappeli in Helsinki. He had bought the roses day before hide them to our basement he had also bought new vases for them so that they don’t die and he can surprise me by not to bringing them in before the right day. He’s the best ❤


6. Watched some really random stuff from Netflix.

We watched too much O.C. (Haha!), too much family guy and movies. The most random thing was having a brainless one star comedies and bad wine theme night – we watched Bruno and Borat and drank some cheap white wine (the night was super and now I value my good wines and better movies even more!)



7. Tried to save money because of my February Challenge (click to read more about it).

Having holiday didn’t make it too easy and I’m not doing as good as I hoped but at least I haven’t spent over 2k as usually. The fact my relatives fed us during visits helped a bit, it was also to get some nice stuff as prices of one sales competition – so even though I didn’t shopped them I got something nice and new. 🙂 Moreover my mom gave us some candles as a late Christmas gift!




8. Ate out couple times…

Vapiano, Stefan’s Steak House, Subway, Kappeli, Morrison’s, I<3Food, Kiila and maybe some other restaurants I don’t remember right now. All these are really good ones. Would you be interested in a post about restaurants in Helsinki area? I eat out about 4-10 times a week so I think I could tell some recommendations. 🙂


Other stuff:
New nails & lashes
– tulips just to make me smile ❤ !
– found cutest card ever, I want to start crafting!




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