How I Did on Money Saving Challenge of February?

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Do you remember my money saving challenge for February? The idea was to cut my spending from 2200€ to 1100€ for one month. Now it’s time to analyse how I did.


16,90 €, 27,75€, 20€, 35€, 35€, 25€, 15€, 37€

= 211,65€


Above: home made smoothie in a new shaker



53.90 €, 15€

= 68.90€



boosted post in fb 5€, gifts and Giveaways 30€, 6,95€ shipping materials, crafting stuff 20€, envelope 1.5€, 6.7€ International shipping, int shipping 15.4€

= 85,55€


Above: brunch in Helsinki with bf’s relatives

Eating out:

Tea+ham roll 7€, lunch 10€, subway 4,5€, eating out 13,50€, 48€ brunch, soda 4€, subway 6.5€, dinner 13€, 8€ subway, ruoka 9.7€, smoothie 3.9€, food 8.3€, subway 10€, 6.35€ smoothie, subway 8€, Chinese food 7.5€, soda 2€, 5.5€ salad, food 8.7€, food 8.2€, subway 8.2€, 6.5€ smoothie, 19€ food, 6€ smoothie, 15€ eating out

= 247,35€


Other / fun:

movie tickets 36€, jacket 20.5€, Comb 3.6€, small hair things 11.85€, 10€ nailpolish, socks 3€, 17.30€ lactase enzyme, bus card 42.5€,

= 144,75€



nails 30€ (gift card 10€ + 30€ cash), 60€ lashes, hairdresser 80€



+ 400€ rent, 25€ phone, 70€ gym


= Total:  1423,2€


My goal was 1100€, even though I didn’t quite reach it I still cut my spending, I spent around 30% less than I usually do. I’m quite happy to the result. In addition it was interesting to know where my money actually goes. Maybe I could eat out with a bit smaller budget in future too. I could also cook more. And maybe I could sometimes buy 10€ wines instead of 15 or 20€ per bottle ones.


Ps. During March I’m having a wellness month (more information about it will be blogged soon!) 🙂


  1. When I quit my full time job about a year and a half ago I thought I should track our spending habits to see where my husband and I could make cuts. Once I added up all we had spent on food for each month (eating out as well as groceries) I nearly cried. It’s amazing how even resisting the urge to grab a hamburger on the days you don’t feel like cooking and a milkshake (because you just feel like it) really adds up and can save you an enormous amount in the end.

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