Dreamer Achiever: Blog Anniversary #3

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I’ve been blogging for three years now. These year have contained huge amount of posts about traveling, lifestyle, style and wellness. Today I’m going to go through past year a bit and also write some thoughts about the future of Dreamer Achiever blog.


I had good but challenging blogging year. I started working part-time but in a position with more responsibilities. That made me lacking time and money for blogging at one point. In spite of this I was able to have the best year so far in visitors, visits, likes and comments. I also did more collaborations with other bloggers that was a lot of fun! Additionally I have more followers in my all socials than an year ago.

The most popular posts during 2016 were:

1. In Review: Quest Bars
2. My Hair Story: From Dark Brunette to Gorgeous Blonde / Before & After Pics and Tips
3. How Your Hair Color Affects Your Life?
4. About
5. Annual Price of Beauty & Money Saving Challenge for Me

Plans for 2017:

First things first: keep blogging! That’s the first goal and to do. I wish I can do over 150 posts. It’s slightly less than 2016 but I want to focus more on quality over quantity. I want to do more planned content and get some more time to comment other blogs, network with bloggers internationally and figure out how to use Dreamer Achiever’s Facebook page more effectively.

I want to become better in writing, photographing, photo editing and networking. By doing this I want to increase amount of followers in all my social networks. At the moment I’m having around 620 WordPress followers, 1700 email subscribers, 1000 Facebook followers and 1500 Instagram followers. It would be super to double all those during next 12 months. 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving me such cute and nice replies! I’m happy that you enjoy my content and I’d love to see you all here in future too.



    1. You’ll sure be positively surprised! I did my old baking blog years 2008-2013 and if I go back to see the old texts and photos I cannot stop laughing. Those don’t even feel like mine anymore. Especially the difference in photos is huuuge. 🙂


  1. Wow, 3 years! That’s amazing. I have been blogging for around the same time but changed my blog completely so only count that as my blog anniversary. Happy Blog Birthday

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    1. Yep, same to me. I started blogging 2008 but I quit my old blog 2013 and started this one 2014 after a little break. My old blog was in different language and about baking / cooking so I doesn’t count that oldies annies anymore. 🙂 If I would it would be 9 years next month.


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