March Exercise Challenge

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February was money saving theme month when I tried to minimize my spending. March will be an exercise theme month.

– exercise at least 5 times a week (22 times during March)
– do at least dancing, gym, badminton, group fitness
– 470 active calories 6 days a week (27 days at March) = longer or more efficient exercises / more exercises
– no alcohol (except wine tasting night and my birthday)
– no desserts or sweets (except wine tasting night and my birthday)
– drink a lot of water
– bread, pasta or etc once a week



No more wine, just cranberries haha 🙂

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I’ll inform you how I did at the beginning of April, just like I did with my February challenge (feb challenge post HERE and how I did HERE)


    1. Well, the money doesn’t tell everything (if you’re evaluating my drinking with my feb challenge post) because I might use 20€ (22$) to a one good wine bottle that’s consumed with friends. But yep, I know, even though they say class of red wine is healthy from some point of view it’s still aging.


  1. There is no health benefits in drinking none what so ever. Booze drinkers always look way older than non drinkers.


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