The Last Day in Manhattan This Year

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The last day included some shopping and walking around in midtown and fifth avenue area. Photo above from Saks Fifth Avenue where I found my new favorite daytime / work lipstick, Cristian Louboutin 215M Rococotte. However they were sold out and Louboutin lipstick are not sold in Finland so I panicked to Fifth Avenues flagship store of Sephora that’s only another location selling those luxurious makeups – and I got the last one! I’ll write you guys more about my shoppings and that lipstick later but shortly that’s one of my best shoppings – totally worth of 98 dollars. 🙂

IMG_5185 IMG_5204 IMG_5210

Of course it also included eating fine American food the greatest burgers in the entire world and flying back.


Never forgot Starbucks eater. Yummy vanilla iced coffee was my last coffee in NYC even thought I still love skinny vanilla lattes my bf taught me love these too. 🙂


It was too sad to leave these beautiful views behind, again. Leaving New York never easy, like R.E.M sings is too hurtfully true. One day I’ll call that city home. At least for year or couple, won’t I?

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  1. Im that last photo you posted on my first day in NYC in Aug 2015 I sat across from Radio City Music Hall eating chicken and rice off a street cart and it hit me wow i’m in NYC.


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