Yacht Cruise around Manhattan – Some Luxury in New York City

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The fourth morning in NYC began with sleeping almost until noon after long day of exploring the city, ballet, etc. We hanged out in the hotel for a while before we left out to find something to eat.

What we ended up eating wasn’t breakfast food but it was kind of nice to have actual food because it was already like 1-2pm when we found Mark’s grill on 8th Ave. It was a nice place with okay service. Nothing super special in there but good basic burgers. They were served with fries but it was no problem to change those to salad as I did.


We walked around the city a bit before it was time to go back to hotel to get ready for the most luxurious part of our trip. We had really fancy yacht cruise around lower Manhattan. It included super fine dining, perfect Manhattan skyline views from the sea and great service. Everybody was dressed well (because of the dress code haha) and the experience was very outstanding in all the matters.


Luxurious yacht cruise with World Yacht around Manhattan was a great success!

Great wine, Robert Mondavi Winery’s Napa Valley Fumé Blanc (Dry Sauvignon Blanc) from year 2012. ❤


Above: welcome chili scrimp, appetiser salad, NYC strip steak, chicken, cheesecake and pannacotta. All my favorites are on the left. 😉

What comes to food they were really good in general. Appetiser salads and dessert pannacotta were just average but the main courses and my dessert cheese cake were amazing. I would recommend taking NYC strip steak as a main course and vanilla cheese cake for the dessert. I didn’t taste other appetisers but salad but I would prefer you trying something else. They had three options for every course.


What comes to the cruise in general I think the best things were outstanding and super polite fine service and unbelievably cool views – especially from the desk. Moreover the yacht stopped by statue of liberty for about 10 minutes – the statue was like 50 ft from it. And because it’s huge that was just perfect distance to see it. In addition the music on board was mostly good American music.

IMG_4984 IMG_4969

We had great deal for that cruise and for us it was only about $100 per person that included a class of champagne, three course meal and coffee / tea. Regular prices start from around $130 per person. There will be additional costs if you want to order wine, drinks, etc. However you can also buy (more expensive) cruise packages that will include all drinks too.


Above: One Tower and Brooklyn Bridge at night. Photo taken from the yacht.

After cruise we wanted to check the nightlife of Manhattan so we went to nice rooftop called 250fifth + couple others places. Photos above are from 250fifth that’s located at fifth avenue.

IMG_5098 IMG_5097 IMG_5095

Above: 250th Fifth’s views

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