Dreamer Achiever

The Last Day in Manhattan This Year

The last day included some shopping and walking around in midtown and fifth avenue area. Photo above from Saks Fifth

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Yacht Cruise around Manhattan – Some Luxury in New York City

The fourth morning in NYC began with sleeping almost until noon after long day of exploring the city, ballet, etc.

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Just Chilling in Miami Beach Area

Yesterday morning we slept long, returned Camaro to Avis and decided to spend a day without too much schedules. At

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In Review: Cold Starbucks Coffees Including 100-120 Calories

I love lattes and flavored coffees but I don’t like the fact that they usually have tens of grams of

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Weird American Food Part 3

Couple times every weak I become surprised in grocery store, dining hall or somewhere else where is food. This time

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Weird American Foods Part 2

Is there anything that couldn’t be deep fried and do people really like those fatty things. I asked that in

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