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Black Friday Shopping 2017

Black Friday means a huge shopping day that’s always the last Friday of November. Black Friday comes originally from the

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8 Must Have Items Before Adopting a Puppy

Adopting a puppy is exciting and fun. However, there is plenty of things you have to shop in prior. Have

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New Clothes, Planner & Technology for Spring / Summer 2017

Today I’ll show some items I’ve got for myself lately. After Christmas you might want to save some money but

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Some November Shopping

Above: the new wine cooler Above: new wine cooler and new Riedel classes Lately I’ve been trying to save some

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Wine Shelves from Ikea

We got so much wine as an engagement gifts (and already had some before those) that we decided to buy

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Some Nice Stuff to Review Soon!

As you might know I’m in London for a work related training at the moment. A day before I left Finland

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