Flying with Norwegian

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– text messages about your flight – couple hours before your estimated departure time they send you message if your flight is supposed to be on time or not
– cheap prices
– friendly service
– suitcases 100$/each (!!!)
– 2 carriers/person included
– no food included
– no suitcases included

– on time
– small, noisy plane
– medium amount of space for feet, more than enough for me but not too much for taller people


Oslo-Fort Laureldale
– on time
– not too comfortable seats
– no blanket, headphones or pillows included
– medium amount of space for feet (little more than in the first one)
– super fun and positive American pilot
– well-working touchscreens with plenty of music, movies and other attractions
– no food included
– $4 Pepsi max, $10 warm ham&cheese sandwich (superb huge sandwich!)
– it was great to have usb charging possibility and headphone plug. In addition when you moved your hand close to them lights around them turned on. How handy and luxurious is that? 🙂
– one cool thing where windows that turned dark by pushing a button, quite modern – especially for this cheap flights
– superb light show while landing!!

IMG_3921 IMG_3926
– 2 hours and 45 minutes late, at least they send me a message four hours in prior to original takeoff time.
– a little disappointment because the flight left from jfk terminal 1 where everything closed at midnight
– Norwegian pilot that was just regular not outstanding like the American pilot that flew us to Miami
– otherwise service, prices and everything was like on our flight to the US


– small plane
– cheaper prices
– noisy
– free wifi onboard!

I didn’t find Norwegian very special in anything (but horribly expensive suitcase prices). I would anyhow recommend it for people looking for something cheap and when they don’t want to take anything but carriers with. In addition if you want a lot of room for your feet or if you want to eat on board Norwegian is not the best option. It’s okay though.

3/5 stars total of my experience

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