Day 12 in States: Studying is back (and so are highheels)!

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So now I’m actually a student here. Today I had three classes: International Management, Epidemiology and Photography. It’s quite weird that classes here can be like 50 minutes (and you have like 50 minutes of one subject twice a week). In Finland they’re always like 2 to 3 hours with a break or two – at least in University of Eastern Finland.

My international management class began with introduction to course and syllabus – that took about 30 minutes and then we were done. We got homework to read whole chapter one from book, that’s only about 25 sites but at least it’s clear that here you actually have to have books to study – at least in this class.



Epidemiology has pretty interesting stuff in it but why on earth the professor is speaking super fast? I mean, really super fast. She went trough around 50 power point pages in less than 30 minutes. And there was a lot of text in them. It was okay in introduction but I’m little worried about the rest of the course – you don’t have time to actually learn anything if you have to use all your time trying to multitask with listening and either writing or taking photos of dias.

I’m quite excited because of photography class. I’ve studied two photography courses in upper secondary but after that I’ve just taking photos without any extra education. I hope that the course helps me take better photos to share with you here. I believe that all the education you get helps you somehow – and photographing is a skill you’ll always need. Moreover the course includes little bit of history of photographing, technical stuff about how cameras work and how to edit your photos with Photoshop. I actually have Photoshop in my old PC. I haven’t use that one for years so I think that this is a perfect time for this course – I’ve been thinking to get Photoshop in my Mac to make better photos for blog. I’ll buy it during next couple weeks, I’m sure. 🙂

Tip for university studies in States: Here professors ought that you study 2-3 hours per one class hour so if you actually want to succeed you can’t just go to classes and think you’ll perform great. Here you can have 12-19 credits per semester (one American credit is equal to 2-3 ECTS that are used in EU countries) and one credit usually means about 1 class hour a week – so if you f. ex. have course that 3 credits you’ll have about three hours a week that subject during whole semester.

After all classes I went to dinner with my friend from Spain and helped him with university’s Moodle and mail. After that I went back home to do little homework thing and watch big college super bowl game where Ohio and Oregon were playing. I usually don’t watch sports but I guess that you should know something of college sports (at least the super bowl that’s a huge deal here, it’s American football thing in case you didn’t know). Ohio State won, yeah! 🙂

IMG_20150112_083220 kuva 4

Ps. Because I don’t have to cycle around I can wear heels. ❤ After two years in Kuopio this little thing makes me smile. And because of that I bought beautiful heels couple days ago. 🙂 It’s slippery out there but distances are very short so it’s worth it. Never move outside big cities or campus areas if you want to use heels whole day. 😉

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