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What my Exchange to US Gave Me? TOP5 things

I’m glad to say that I’ve had greater experiences in US of A than I ever could imagine. Obviously I

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Ada, Ohio, USA / Panoramas

Beautiful Ada <3 Finally I had time to made panoramas from all the great pics I took during my last

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From Ada to NYC / 28 hours with Megabus and Bus Transfers

Cleveland panorama taken from the bus station I was 4am after last day of finals week. I had just moved

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Photo Trough back: Picnics <3 First Picnic of 2015

On Saturday 18th of April I had my first picnic of this year with my Finnish and Korean friends here

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Thai Food & Friends & Bangkok Bay, Lima in Review

17th of April my Asian friends invited me to Thai restaurant Bangkok Bay with them. I’m always ready for Asian foods

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Photos & Little What’s Up Update from First Two Weeks of April

It’s super warm & super windy here now 🙂 Summer has finally arrived to Ohio and I’ve been enjoying it

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