United States day 11: day off

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Yesterday was the first day in Ada when we don’t have orientation, classes or anything.

I have been organizing and decorating my room. Moreover I’ve been quite active today. I did my own campus tour by jogging around campus area to find all buildings where I have classes, where the gym and library are, etc. After jogging I did little workout for my abs and butt.

kuva 1 kuva 2

Outdoor activity girl and stretching belfie. 😀

At lunchtime I tried to go to McIntosh Center’s dining hall because it was supposed to open today. However it was closed so I decided to find Northern on Main Café and eat there with dining dollars (I’ll make a post about university fees, meals and housing in some point during this semester). They have Starbucks coffees and drinks and some sandwiches, salads, etc. there. It’s similar to any other café what comes to food and prices. Quite okay but not an everyday option for meals.

At the afternoon I went back to my apartment and met my roommate and her boyfriend. They both are very nice and even offered me and couple more internationals a drive to Walmart that’s like 40 miles from Ada. The weather was horrible but somehow we succeeded to drive safely all way there and back. They really needed groceries and I wanted some stuff like hangers to my room and an American phone so we decided to go even though it was snowing and roads were very slippery.

IMG_20150111_130739 IMG_20150111_164314

Lunch and dinner

I have a mealplan that means I can eat 19 meals with no charge (of course I’ve paid for that before but I don’t have to carry on any money with my) on campus so I went to check what they have at the dinnertime – and that time the dining hall was open. It’s enormous! And the amount of food, oh my! I could never ever imagine that in university’s restaurant there could be buffet meals with around 40 salad options (like fresh spinach, beans, potato salad, olives, etc), couple soups, around 30 warm healthier food options (like skinless chicken, mashed potatoes, couscous, different kinds of rise, pasta, couscous, vegetarian stuff, etc) and of course different kind of pizzas, burgers… And they even have tens of drink options (mostly different sodas), desserts, ice cream buffet… I’m not even sure did I remember to mention them all. Wow. And the food here is actually very good and you can get really healthy food super easily. In love ❤

The rest of the night was mostly orientating myself to Moodle, university’s email and other study related stuff. I’m trying to be organized and prepared ‘cause I have full schedule and I’d like to perform at least well in all of those. Am I a weird exchange student ‘cause I want to have fun and get good grades instead of just having fun? 😀

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