Dreamer Achiever

Big News: Back to School

Yep, you read it right! After two years of focusing 80% on working and a bit on school, I’ll be

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What my Exchange to US Gave Me? TOP5 things

I’m glad to say that I’ve had greater experiences in US of A than I ever could imagine. Obviously I

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Happy Halloween Apple

18mm, f/3,5, 1/5, ISO 3200 This one (above) is my favorite and the one I returned to our still life

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Visual Puns for Photography Class Part 2/2

In my photography class we had assignment to do “visual puns” that means making picture of some word or commonly

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Ada, Ohio, USA / Panoramas

Beautiful Ada <3 Finally I had time to made panoramas from all the great pics I took during my last

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Exchange / Short-term Living Abroad in a Nutshell

At first I’d like to say you guys that I’m super happy of all my short-term stays working, studying, living

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