Photos & Little What’s Up Update from First Two Weeks of April

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It’s super warm & super windy here now 🙂

Summer has finally arrived to Ohio and I’ve been enjoying it outdoors as much as possible. I’ve also been busy with quizzes and group projects. Not too busy though. I’ve also been sick, I guess it was a food poisoning (please no more! I’ve been sick here like five times more than I usually am), I have of course hanged out with friends, etc. And planned my schedules for future. Summer seems pretty clear but time before and after doesn’t. This time I decided to share you some moments of my first weeks of April in photos from my phone:


Never ending hair dying project goes on. I just desperately hope that the result will be good. Sooner the better. Almost there but not yet perfect…


See how green the grass is?! So skip everything else and go walking out there!


Trying to use my all dining dollars – what a great excuse to have delicious sandwiches and skinny vanilla lattes!


We had an event called multicultural fair where international students had tables about their culture this one is Mongolian students’ one of them is writing my name in their language. So fun! We had all kind of foods, drinks, games, etc. there.


Taking selfies while stretching is almost impossible! Especially if you try to get whole you in the pic without using a mirror. Haha.


I tried super American cereal called Reese’s Buffs. Peanut butter cereal. 😀 I never thought I would like anything peanutty but there are really good. Super unhealthy like all cereal but yum yum.


I just have to share this one to show that I’ve done something study related too instead of just enjoying the sun and gym! 😀 I’ve studied weekday nights mostly in library. I’ve also worked for couple group case studies, one research and one video project. The video thing is about college safety. It was super funny to record it with all my American friends. I was acting and using the camera (in different scenes obviously).

Time flies, I cannot believe that first three weeks of April are already gone. I’ll write about last two weeks in post or couple soon. Stay tuned!

I hope you all are having great weather, enjoying the summer and succeeding! ❤

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