From Ada to NYC / 28 hours with Megabus and Bus Transfers

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ClevelandPanorama kopio

Cleveland panorama taken from the bus station

I was 4am after last day of finals week. I had just moved from my campus apartment to my friend’s place off campus. I had 4 bags, back bag and huge suitcase full of stuff. Even after tying my shoes so that they hang off my bag I had 3 bags too much. We were hanging out with friends as long as we could. We visited all the bars and other places out to find our study mates from ONU. We said goodbyes to everyone and had a lot of good laughs. It was a great night.


How to spent the bus transfer time? 😀

6am we woke up to finish our packing. 7am my friend’s friend came to pick us up to drop us to Megabus stop in Columbus, OH. From there we had a bus to Buffalo, NY. We had transfer in Cleveland, OH.

In Cleveland we got really nice and helpful service from a bus station worker that helped us with our bags and made sure that we’re going into right bus, he also told us about indoor station with air-condition where we could have stayed. 🙂 We just wanted to stay outdoors because the weather was really nice and there was college graduations going in campus nearby. It was beautiful and interesting to see.


Bus station of Cleveland

What comes to services in busses the first one had well-working Wi-Fi, bathroom and pretty nice bus driver. That bus was about 20 minutes late but that wasn’t their fault, there was some roadwork going on. The second bus didn’t had Wi-Fi service (even thought they should always have connection in Megabusses) and our driver was really rude to us (maybe because we are white?), at least bathroom worked and there was plenty of room because more than two thirds of the seats were empty. The third bus had nice driver and the bus arrived earlier than scheduled. I had very interesting conversations with a graduate who was moving to NYC for a job.

I felt pretty safe in busses and they were really cheap (Columbus-Buffalo was $30 and Buffalo-NYC $1). With huge amount of stuff bus traveling wasn’t too easy option but flight wouldn’t have been too easy either.


Taking over a bench with our bags, etc haha 🙂

Ps. I wouldn’t like to change busses nighttime in either Columbus or Cleveland. They didn’t look too nice or safe. They were a little like Detroit. People were friendly though and at the daytime they were just fine.


    1. Oho, aikamoista, varsinkin tuo bussin tyhjentäminen jokaisella pysäkillä. Olen itsekin kuullut Greyhoundista paljon negatiivista juurikin myöhästelystä. Megabusseissa on yleensä ollut reitistä riippuen noin 30-80% valkoisia, nuo on semmoisia vähän trendikkäämpiä opiskelija / backpacker busseja mun mielestä. Palvelut pelittää ja yleensä poppoo on asiallista. Toki aina saattaa löytyä joku liian kovaa musiikkia kuunteleva, tms. mutta ikinä ei ole mitään isompia häiriöitä ollut. Olen mennyt nopealla muistelulla seitsemästi Megabussilla ja ollut aina tyytyväinen hinta-laatusuhteeseen. 🙂


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