Photo Trough back: Picnics <3 First Picnic of 2015

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On Saturday 18th of April I had my first picnic of this year with my Finnish and Korean friends here in US. The weather have been great lately so it’s a must to eat out, go walking and just be outdoors! It’s around 80 degrees and sun is shining. Pure love. I wish I could go to Wisconsin again to enjoy midwest’s summer again. Maybe next year. 🙂 And I’ll have couple day offs next summer so maybe I can enjoy Finnish summer then (I just hope it’s warm and not too rainy!)

Picnic with Korean and Finnish friends included Korean foods called: 1. you bu cho bab and 2. kimpa. We brought some Finnish näkkäleipä (sour rye crisp bread), salmiakki (finnish candies) and made a pancake / pie with blueberries and apple and put kaardemumma (Finnish spice) in it.

I really loved Korean foods they made us. I’m sure I’ll visit their country just because of the food! I could actually go there for an exchange in some point. I have four years left in university so I could do couple more exchange / internship trips abroad. 🙂 It’s funny how they can do just rice in million different ways. And how delicious and cute looking their food is.

It’s cool how many different food and cultures appear. Here I’ve realized that I really should travel much more to understand them all better. I think I can have a great international career one day and understanding different cultures and networking all around the world cannot be anything but a good thing. 🙂 Maybe I should write a post or couple about my travel dreams?

Ps. I forgot to post this earlier but I just wanted to share my great experience though. At the moment I’m in NYC and I’m sure I’ll have a lot of picnics and outdoor activities here. I’ll post more about my trip in next couple weeks! 🙂

Pps. The weather has been great in NYC & I’ve been pretty active in Instagram so follow @dreamerachievernora if you want to be up to date before I have time to blog. This is too awesome to be in my favorite city that it’s hard to find time for blogging here. I’ll be back in Finland on next Saturday so then I’ll really start working on the posts about my NYC trip. 🙂

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