August Wrap Up 2018

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August – it’s the back to school sales, it’s the beginning of the academic year in the university and it’s the end of the summer. Busy times for many including myself. Below you can learn more about my August and find all the posts of this month linked.



August Wrap Up 2018


Studies & Work




I carried on my studies in the medical school this month. This year will be better than the last one I believe. We have a million times easier schedule with (at least in my opinion) more interesting courses. Only bad thing is that instead of having 2-3 full days we seem to always have 4-5 half days which is quite idiotic planning in my opinion but I guess there’s some good reason behind that.


I’m also carrying on my economics studies with a goal to do at least 3 preferably 6 courses during this academic year. I’ve already done all the easy ones thus I’m doing a bit less than couple years ago. This academic year I basically have some of more math based mandatory courses left and some fun entrepreneurship courses which are great but require a lot of effort.


What comes to my main job I’m back in business there as well. At the moment it’s a bit busy but not too busy at work. I think the situation will change to lot by Christmas which is nice because days go faster, however, it’s kind of stressing too to know that there will be longer hours and school combined once again. So, wish me luck guys!


What comes to my own company I’m creating content for some companies in weekly basis at the moment. It’s not paying my rent but it is fun to write about different topics and to get better in SEO everyday. I’ve also signed to some freelance translator sites since I think I could do well in translating from Finnish to English (American) and vice versa. I did pass the tests but haven’t gotten any assignments yet.


I also have some product ideas I would like to test and use them for couple of my entrepreneurship courses. Additionally, the book project is still in progress. I’m waiting to have some a bit less busy time in the uni and work to get other things done as well.


It is annoying that I have to study for my future and to afford my two homes, car and other things I must work and because of doing both so much I’m lacking time to do anything else. Argh! I guess life will get easier in 5-20 years haha.



Healthy Living




During the honeymoon last month I didn’t stress too much about food and exercise. After that however, I’ve been focusing quite much on eating healthier. It’s great to cook, feel good and know what I’m eating. I believe focusing on getting enough nutrients and sleep are keys to being able to pass courses and carry on work this year too.


Last year was one of the hardest during my adult life but I’m happy I survived and I believe I’ve learned plenty of good lessons during it. Pushing ones limits is good skill but doing it too much in every area of life is just not possible in a long run. Thus this year I try to give my body even better building blocks that I did last year to make this one a bit easier.


Being sick too much was the biggest issue ruining my good schedules during the last academic year. I really want to be more healthy this year to be able to survive even better through my school and work. It would also be nice to spend my free time doing nice things and not just sleeping.



Personal Life



Home Decoration



With home #1 I’ve done basically only cleaning haha. For home #2 however I’ve been shopping some small things like flowers, three and stuffed polar bear from Ikea haha. I’ve also bought some light bulbs but that’s all. I think home 2 will soon be ready to be shared here even though some small things are still missing. I hope I will find some final items for home 1 as well. 🙂





I bought a car, yeah! I hope it will make my life and traveling around a bit easier. I’ve been able to use cars of my friends and relatives earlier quite often but it’s nice to have my own one so that I don’t have to think and plan my travels so much.



Blog, Social and Photography






I’ve been a lot busier than I thought I’d be. If you have emailed me lately please forgive me some delays in answering since there has been an enormous amount of blog related emails coming lately.


Additionally, I have a huge bunch of photos from our wedding and honeymoon that I plan to share. There has been quite many writing and editing going on whenever I have a some spare time. There is also some older post ideas still on progress. I’m a bit perfectionist and I don’t want to post anything before I’m completely happy with the content I’m sharing.


I’m happy that I’ve been offered with plenty of good guest posts as well this month. I love getting some content about topic I haven’t had time or knowledge to cover well. If you’re interesting in guest posting read more about this blog and find the contact information here. At the moment I prefer guest posts in area of travel but lifestyle / wellness goes as well.





During August 2018 I posted to this blog 9 times. This included 2 travel, 3 lifestyle, 2 style and 0 wellness posts + 2 cake recipes. All the posts are linked below.



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Above: the last night of the honeymoon, gorgeous sunset in Zürich ❤


Which post was your favorite? How has your fall started?

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