2019 New Years Resolutions

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It’s the time of the year when we all have a new fresh year ahead and it’s time to set some 2019 New Years resolutions! Some people say these do not work but for me these have been motivating and I have been getting back to them during the year to track how I’m doing and in which areas I could do better. So, I’ll keep up the routine!






2019 New Years Resolutions



1. Studies & Work





– Pass all the medical courses

– Do at least two (2) months of mandatory medical training

– Start to do research – either medicine or economics related

– Write at least one more book and get it published

– Get 1000 copies of my books sold – do a marketing plan to make this happen!

– Post at least 10.000 new photos to stock sites

– Get my photos to Finnish stock site Suomen Kuvaplugi

– Start selling my iPhone photos taken with my own 8 Plus

– Volunteer at least two (2) times during 2019

– Write at least 200 payed articles to other sites (4 per week) – can be content made by me or translating someone else’s work

– Improve my photo editing skills

– Learn the basics of coding




2. Live Healthy & Look Good





– Exercise at least 3 times a week

– Cook most of the food myself, focus on healthy and nutritious food

– Keep drinking a lot of water

– Find time to relax every week

– Use the bright light lamp at least 5 times a week during winter (October – March)

– Travel somewhere sunny during the winter





3. Travel & Explore





– Travel to at least 5 countries, of which to at least 3 new ones

– Have a mini holidays in Finland at least twice

– Participate in at least two blogger meetings / events

– Be abroad for at least two months during 2019





4. Improve My Social Media & Related





– Publish quest post(s) in this blog (read this if you’re interested in a collab!)

– Get at least the same amount of visits, visitors, likes and comments than last year

– Be more active in LinkedIn and keep it up to date

– Leave more comments to blogs and Instagram

– Be constant and do 1-3 posts every week to this blog and another 1-3 to Yummycado – no more than that. My focus will be on quality, consistency and networking

– Grow Yummycado, my new blog around food & baking, goal: 30.000 page views during 2019

– Write at least 150 payed articles to other sites or blogs + get some backlinks to my blog





5. Be Social





– Meet friends and relatives more often than last year

– Organize at least five events like wine tastings, beach volleys, birthday parties, etc. during the year 2019

– Network with some new people in areas I’m interested

– Use LinkedIn to learn from others and to discuss

– Find new people to follow and start reading books and listening Podcasts



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New Years Resolutions 2019 Dreamer Achiever Blog



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Have you done any resolutions for 2019? What are those if yes? 

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