New Years Resolutions 2017

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It’s again the time of the year when it’s time to say good by to the last year and say hello to new one. I have a tradition to do plenty of New Years Resolutions and last year I decided to make them public. Today I’m doing the same with my 2017 resolutions, so here we go…


1. Studies & Work
– pass all the medical courses
– do at least 50 credits (25 US credits) of economics
– do my best everyday at work
– work 40-60 hours a week during spring = get a second job
– earn money for a) new camera + lens, b) new Mac, c) trip to Europe, d) part of the wedding budget + some extra
– learn to use inDesign and Lightroom, and improve my photoshop skills


2. Live Healthy & Look Good
– stick with 470kcal of exercise a day goal, reach it at least 5 times a week
– exercise at least 3-5 times a week
– try at least 3 new sports
– learn to bowl
– become a better golfer (and finally get a green card)
– eat more greens
– keep drinking a lot of water
– cook healthy food more often
– lose at least 20pounds (10kilos) in a healthy -2pounds/month way during 2017


3. Travel & Explore
– travel the Europe, explore at least 10 countries (for example Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia)
– have a mini holidays in Finland at least twice
– learn to drive a stick car
– do post(a) about must sees in Finland
– keep exploring different events in Finland
+ if possible I’d like to participate in at least one blogger meeting / event 🙂
– do honeymoon travel planning + post about ideas and plans


4. Improve My Social Media & Related

– Write at least 5 quest posts to others
– Publish at least 5 quest posts in this blog (read this if you’re interested in a collab!)
– Do at least 5 sponsored posts
– Get more visits, visitors, likes and comments than last year
– Get tags and categories even more clear
– Update Instagram around 5-10 times a week
– Be more active in LinkedIn and keep it up to date
– Leave more comments to blogs and Instagram


5. Be Social
– Meet friends and do something fun as often as last year
– Enjoy cultural activities every month (theater, ballet, museums, etc)
– Get to know some of my new course mates, and network in general
– Organize something fun with friends at least 1-2 times a month (wine tastings, beach volley, board game nights, etc)


    1. Thanks Mel & Suan!

      I know it’s quite many but I’m that kind of person who likes to be specific in these. 😀 For example instead of “travel more” I like to do something measurable like “travel at least X amount of countries in Europe”. It’s then easier to say how I actually did.

      Thanks for your comment and have an excellent 2017! 🙂

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  1. Hi! I am a huge fan of your blog and it is nice to read it. There is just this one little thing I want to say; about your studies and working. Please have some time for yourself as well. It is so easy to burn out, especially when studying medicine. And I know what I am talking about, for couple a years ago I studied medicine and other stuff AND worked a lot. It is not the best possible combo ;)…

    So please be careful :)! I am little bit selfish when saying this, but I just want you to be ok so I can keep reading your amazing blog :)!

    Have a nice year :)!

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    1. Hi Medstudent and thanks for your advise! It can sometimes be hard to balance through all things in life but I’m very lucky to be able to study what I love and have an amazing job at the same time. I am planning to have 3-4 weeks summer vacation traveling with no studies or work – knowing that there is some relaxing coming helps when it’s busy in life! I hope you have a great 2017 and I wish you all the best to your studies! 🙂


  2. Love that you’ve set measurable goals – here’s to hoping you achieve what you set out to!
    Although, (and forgive me if this is out of place) but 470kcal really isn’t a sustainable amount. If it’s weight loss you’re looking for I highly recommend looking into Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) his lean in 15 is amazing and balances nutrition with weight loss/shaping/sustaining xx

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  3. Hei!
    Mä oon vasta löytäny sun blogis ja tykänny siitä kovasti!! Ois kiva tietää mis päi oot lääkikses ja kuinka kauan oot opiskellu? Ja millasta on ollu? (: Oon ny lukion ekal ja oon miettiny lääkikseen lähtemistä nii ois kiva kuulla sulta vähä kokemuksia (:

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    1. Moikka, mukava kuulla, että tykkäät! 🙂 Mä aloitin lääkiksen 2013 syksyllä Kuopiossa, mutta oon käynyt vaihdossa ja pitänyt välivuoden niin etenen vähän normaalia hitaampaa tahtia. Opiskelu on tosi mielenkiintoista, mutta ajoittain hyvin intensiivistä. Porukka ja opetus on myös tosi hyviä. Kaupunkina Kuopio ei ole ehkä se jännittävin valinta, mutta siellä on Suomen suurin lääkis. Kysy vaan, jos tulee jotain muuta mieleen ja tsemppiä lukioon! Kannattaa panostaa erityisesti biologiaan, kemiaan ja fysiikkaan lukiossa ja pyrkiä saamaan kirjoituksista hyvä pohja lääkikseen. 🙂


    1. Thanks Rachel! I’ll work hard to achieve them during 2017. I cannot wait my summer vacation weeks, I’m planning to travel around Europe then! 🙂 I hope you have great and travelful year too, Rachel!


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