4/4 Black and White (almost) Smart Casual Outfit

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Looking for something pretty that’s somewhere between smart casual and casual? This black and white look goes nicely for not-too-formal dinner or a hang out during the summer season.



Black and White (almost) Smart Casual Outfit




Shirt: New York & Co.

Pants: Zara

Sandals: Rieker

Bag: Michael Kors

Watch: Apple Watch 38mm Gold + Black Classic Buckle

Ring: My engagement ring (white gold + diamonds)

Necklace: Gift from my fiancee (white gold + diamonds)




The inspiration for this look came from my New York & Co. black and white shirt. I’ve been wearing this one for many different looks before. These, however, have been mostly wintertime looks so I wanted to challenges me to create you a black and white looks that is still light and good for the summertime even for a bit more formal occasions.


I paired the shirt with my white Zara pants that are great for summer nights – they are warm, comfy and still very fresh and stylish. You can use any white pants to create a similar look. However, if you’re scared to mess them up, Zara pants are great since they are affordable and classy simultaneously.




To make this look even lighter and better for summer I added white sandals from Rieker to this look. If you go out later during the night you might want to change these to white or black high heels that are a bit less open than these – or if you go shopping with a similar look, you can change these to ballerinas or other closed shoes that are comfy to walk.


To keep this look black and white instead of all white I added the black classy bag from Michael Kors. This one isn’t my personal favorite since I prefer lighter colors but I think this was a good match with this look. You can use any black bag you have to create a similar style.




And of course, to finish the look, you need some matching accessories like a ring, a necklace and a watch. I was wearing my engagement ring, a diamond necklace I got from my spouse and my Apple Watch. I had Black Classic Buckle – a black leather band for the watch for this look. I think the silver version of Apple watch would have been a better match with this look but unfortunately, I just have the gold one. Maybe I’ll wish for another one from Santa?




This look was Photographed in Westend, Espoo, Finland



Do you guys like black and white looks? Do you think they match only to some seasons like only winter and fall or only summer?


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