What are Prewedding Photos & Inspiration for Cute Prewedding Photos from Our Prewedding Shots

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In this post you’ll learn what are a prewedding photos and why those are taken. Additionally, I’ll share our experience of the prewedding photoshoot we had a week before we got married. I hope you enjoy the post and share your thoughts about this topic in the comment section!


What are Prewedding Photos & Inspiration for Cute Prewedding Photos from Our Prewedding Shots




What are Prewedding Photos?


Like the name tells, prewedding photos are photos taken before wedding. They can either be the engagement photos straight after the engagement or just a cute memory of time before your marriage.




Part of the idea of these photos is to get nice, cute and romantic couple photos together. However, if you’re having the same photographer for your wedding this is also a good way to get to know him or her and the style of that photographer.


It’s good to know how everything works with that person before the day. And if it doesn’t, you won’t have the photos of your most important day ruined since you’ll still have some time to change. Also, you can spend some time discussing not only ideas for the preceding shots but also for your wedding day shots.



How Was Our Prewedding Photoshoot?




We had our prewedding photoshoot around a week before the wedding. The photographer we had is a Finnish professional photographer Sakari Röyskö. He has done wedding photography for over a decade shooting mostly in Helsinki area in Finland.


Over that time he has created beautiful own style to do his photos. He also had a good vision of spots where to take photos. Additionally, he was fun company and good in instructing us as models which made the whole shoot a lot easier and more natural experience.




We first spent around an hour at the beginning going trough our ideas about the wedding day and photography during it. Additionally, we shortly described our ideas for the prewedding photoshoot. You should definitely have your exact schedules, photography ideas and some example photos with you when you see the photographer. You being well-prepared will save time and also make the photographers work easier.  Also, when you’re clear about your ideas it’s also more likely that you’ll get photos you like.





After discussing our ideas we started shooting in Nuottaniemi, Espoo. That’s a beautiful spot by the sea. Unfortunately, it was a bit grey and wet out during the day of our prewedding photos. However, this was not only a bad thing – the bright side was that it was easier to keep eyes open when it was not super sunny out there.





From Nuottaniemi we moved to Haukilahti, Espoo. We love this location and we’ve been out with our poodle in here quite much so it was great to have a photoshoot here. In Haukilahti, there is some good food, beautiful nature and amazing routes for walking or running available if you guys happen to visit around.





Our final spot of our one-hour-photoshoot was Westend, Espoo. There we found some beautiful views with rocks and threes by the sea. Westend has been one of my favorite spots for outfit photos for a while already. Thus it was cool to have a professional photoshoot in there as well.


I found our prewedding photoshoot day very fun! It was also good to get to know our photographer a bit before the big day. Moreover, I think the photos turned out amazing and they also make a good memory of the day.



Ps. Find out some additional information for wedding planning and photos from my wedding related posts and my wedding inspiration Pinterest board! 🙂


Would you take prewedding photos if you’d get married? Or if you already are married did you have this kind of photoshoot before getting married?


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