I Officially Have My Own Business Now!

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For a too long time I’ve been rejecting paid post opportunities and keeping all my projects very small scale since I have not had my own company so far. Yesterday though I decided to finally start running one!

I’m running the business with my own name in the area of photography, freelance writing, content creating, and related products and services. It’s a one-woman business that’s very small at this point but I really want to make it become big.

I’m targeting to get some passive income and have a job that would allow me to travel and work remotely even more. I can do some remote work in my current position but my own business is even more flexible, which is great!


Cheers to the new company! 🙂 Above you can see three favorite things of me: a) favorite photography concept – still lives, b) favorite champagne – Ultra Brut from Laurent Perrier and c) one of my favorite flowers – roses.

What My Company Does and Will Do?

Sell Photos and Photo Products

As some of you know, I’ve been selling my photos online in Shutterstock for a year now. Lately, I’ve also got into couple more micro stocks selling photos, at the moment you can find my photos in: Shutterstock , Alamy and Dreamstime, soon also in iStock Photo and 123rf (still creating portfolios to those two). So, if you guys need stock photos feel free to purchase mine! 🙂

I’m super excited about doing these stock photos. I’ve also been reading about the trends in the area and I have a lot of ideas how to improve and sell more. At the moment I’m doing technically excellent work but I should focus more on making photos that will sell more.

I’m additionally practising doing video and illustrations. Hopefully someday I can make some money creating those as well.

What comes to photo products I’m planning to participate a couple of services through which I could sell things like posters, cards and iPhone covers with my own photos. I’m super excited about this part! I just have to take / choose some of my best photos of the products.


Photography is a huge passion for me, especially still lives, close-ups and different textures are my favorites. I also do some food and nature photography.

Freelance Writing and Content Creating

I’ve figured out that there is plenty of sites, blogs and magazines that pay you for content. I love writing and content so in future, I’ll be doing that elsewhere too.

If you’re a blog or business owner who needs articles about wellness, tech, travel or lifestyle, feel free to contact me! I will be mostly using freelancing sites to find customers but you can also contact me directly.


Above I’m working with school work in a library in Kuopio, Finland. I love writing and I’m that weird student who has always been fine with writing tens of pages for school or work. I’m happy to announce that in future I can write even more!

Books and Guides

I’ve been working with my big smoothie book project for around 1.5 years now. 90% of the photos are done and edited and recipes are ready. I just write some other part ready and after that find either publisher or channel for selling it either only e-book or e-book + print.

I’m also working with couple other smaller projects related to blogging, business and baking. These should be out within year or so online.


How to combine a passion for healthy living, writing and photography? A smoothie book of course! This photo was taken just for the blog but sometime soon there will be an actual book including my delicious and healthy recipes. I cannot wait to see it! I’m already super proud of this project even though it hasn’t always been easy.

Product Reviews and Paid Posts

I can create content for your company or blog. Additionally, this blog is in the future part of my company. So, if you’re interested in a review or other kind of paid content here, please let me know.

Please mention that I will not post any adds or posts which purpose is only to advertise. This blog is based on honest opinions and its purpose is to help my readers achieve their dreams and live the life they want. Please appreciate my time and their time and make sure that your product or service serves this purpose before contacting me.


Above a photo from a sponsored post done with Restaurant Musta Lammas, Kuopio.

Feel free to wish me luck on this journey! I still have my studies and another job but if this one seems to work as well as I hope I will be doing photos, text and related full-time at some point, yeah! 🙂

What you think about my business idea? Have you ever done or planned to do something similar? Feel free to share your experience and tips! 


  1. This is awesome, congratulations on starting your own business! I have done a few paid posts on my blog but have not reached the point of full time income yet. I wish you the best of luck!


    1. Thank you, Kaylee! I couldn’t pay my whole living with the blog yet either. However, when I combine doing photography services, stock photos and freelance writing elsewhere I believe I can reach quite nice living. I hope you’ll get that full time I come by blogging one day. All the best! 🙂


    1. Thank you! 🙂 I cannot wait to see what the next couple years bright to me and the company. It’s a part-time job at the moment but I believe it can grow into something big!


    1. Hey there, Farha! I’m happy you enjoyed the article. Becoming full time blogger for sure is possible but it might take some time. Personally, I found it better to include some other things like photography services and books and not trying to earn living by just writing. Anyhow, it’s cool that it’s possible to work remotely successfully nowadays. 🙂 I’ll check out your blog too!


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