May Wrap Up 2018

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How has your May been? In this post I’ll share how mine was – in a nutshell, it has been a busy month but I’m very happy that the academic year is over and I can focus on other things (finally!).



May Wrap Up 2018



Studies & Work



Above: Working from my laptop on a balcony + collage of our poodles summer fur haha


I had a couple of pretty intensive days during May. I had to examine some patients for one course do a couple of exams. Finally, however, I think there won’t be any school stuff during next two months.


Next year will start in early August and there will be some intensive weeks coming but before that, I’ll enjoy my time off school. I’ll be working full-time for June and traveling a bit for work. The summer is actually mostly working, blogging and traveling which is nice!



Above: One last hotel breakfast because of the school


What comes to working I started my own company last month like I told you guys. At the moment I’m working quite much on writing. I got a big assignment from a Danish SEO office through which I’m writing to one big Finnish company site.


I’ve also done pretty much photography and illustrating for stock and customers lately. Yeah! Running a business takes a lot of time but I really love what I’m doing. 🙂



Healthy Living



Above: Ready to jog!


I’ve done okay this month. I’ve been out for walks quite much because of the amazing weather. Also, it has been easier to eat a bit more healthy because I’m having some more spare time for cooking.


I could probably do a bit better during upcoming months though. Maybe some gym training wouldn’t do any harm, or eating even more healthy things.



Personal Life


Wedding Planning



Above: Me and all my friends survived the overnight bachelorette party, yeah!


I really wish that the wedding day would be there soon and all the planning would end. I shouldn’t complain since we’re basically buying 90% of things from professionals but still, there is always some little details or programs or gift list or something to do. Ugh!


All big things have been done for last year or so but really if you’re planning a wedding there are far too many little things to do. The fact I’m working quite much and doing a lot of other things simultaneously doesn’t help but I guess we’ll somehow end up having a nice day.


We also had my bachelorette party with some amazing friends of mine last weekend. I’ll do a separate post about what we did soon but in short, it was a weekend full of fun activities with some great company!



Home Decoration



Above: Hosting a sparkling & cake tasting – you can also see a little sneakpeak to our new home decor


Well, there is quite much work with this one too. We’re changing our capital area home to completely new look. Additionally, I bought a second apartment lately so there will be quite a much decor to do.


I’ll post about both my apartment one decoration changes and apartment two decoration soon. The second one is pretty much undecorated still but I hope I’ll make it nice before the school starts again.



Blog, Social and Photography





Above: working with content creating on the go haha, btw if you live in / visit Finland check out Kung Food Panda in Iso Omena, Espoo. It’s the best Asian buffet in here at the moment!


I love what I’m doing but I’m sad not to have enough time to do things as well as I’d like. Anyhow, I’ve been able to improve all my photography portfolios located in Shutterstock, iStock, Alamy, Dreamstime and 123RF.


I have learned a lot about photography lately. For example, I’ve learned to isolate things very well from the background. Also, I’ve started doing illustrations and actually I think those are quite nice already.


Anyhow, I wish I’d become significantly better though. I’d love to start doing some own products like pillowcases, posters and phone covers with my own photos and illustrations sometime soon.


I’ve also managed to create some new content to this blog. However, I wish I would have done even more because the fall will for sure be super busy. I think I’ll focus on scheduling a lot of content during June and July before the school starts again.


What comes to social media I’ve worked a lot on Pinterest and my profile there has got a huge amount of views lately (yeah!). I think I should have been more present in the other media too but sometimes you just have to choose and honestly, I enjoy Pinterest the most at the moment.


During June I’ll focus more on commenting other blogs and being active in social media. In addition to taking care of my business and this blog of course. I hope you enjoy the upcoming content and keep visiting. It always makes my day to see your comments and likes. 🙂







This May I managed to post 13 times. This included 3 travel, 5 lifestyle, 4 style and 1 wellness posts. All the posts are linked below.


This month I also had the honor to get two amazing guest post done by Rohit. Would you like to guest post in here? Throw me with an email and we can discuss your ideas further!



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Above: this is how my days go nowadays – walking a poodle by the sea and enjoying the sun 🙂


Which post was your favorite? How has your summer started?

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