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10 Photography Ideas & 5 Goals for 2019

It’s time to set up some more goals for 2019! Today, it’s time for 2019 photography goals. I’ve already done

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What are Prewedding Photos & Inspiration for Cute Prewedding Photos from Our Prewedding Shots

In this post you’ll learn what are a prewedding photos and why those are taken. Additionally, I’ll share our experience

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I Officially Have My Own Business Now!

For a too long time I’ve been rejecting paid post opportunities and keeping all my projects very small scale since

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Oh My, I Finally am a Shutterstock Contributor!

It’s been two years since I was studying photography in the United States and I sent my very first photos

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Importance of a Good Camera in Blogging & My New Canon EOS 6D

Having an excellent camera is crucial for blogging. To make your readers come back your content has to be high

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Valentine’s Day Photo Throwback

Old photo throwback for Valentine’s day! These photos with hearth theme are taken during my exchange in Ohio last spring.

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