April Wrap Up 

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April, the beginning of summer almost end off the academic year. This month has been super busy but full of achievements for me. I hope your April has offered some amazing time and new experiences to you too!


Below I wrap up my April an area of life at a time. I hope you enjoy reading! 🙂



Studies & Work




April has been full of exams in med school. Because of that my economic studies haven’t moved much forward during this month. I’m happy that I’m basically done with this academic year in med school. I only have a couple more exams next month.


During the summer I can focus 100% on work and enjoying life. It feels super not to have any mandatory school stuff for three months. I’ll be couple weeks traveling for work and then just enjoying summer in Finland. We’ll also have our honeymoon coming soon.


What comes to next academic year I’m same time really looking forward to studying surgery, entrepreneurship and other cool things and on the other hand I’m already a bit stressed about scheduling my life.



Healthy Living




Above: Tuna, potatoes and salad by my mom and a delicious chicken penne salad cooked by me, recipe for the salad is from the Recipe Critic


Because of the nose surgery I had during March I’ve been unable to exercise the first half of this month. However, at that point I was eating super healthy to speed up the healing process.


After my sick leave I’ve been exercising more and done quite okay with eating. During the last week of April I got inspired to cook more things like soups, salads and smoothies. I love having those fresh vitamin kicks!



Personal Life




Above: Hotel life in Kuopio part million. I don’t have my second apartment anymore because I’m not spending that much time in Kuopio atm – so I’ve been far too much in hotels there haha.


Wedding Planning


Most of the wedding planning is done and we have given most invitations to people already. Some things like the final menu decisions, finding a purse for me and some small things are still undone.


However, I feel that I don’t have to stress more about this project. We do a few things in every couple weeks and everything will be ready by the big day.


Home Decoration


One friend of mine was visiting our place and we got an idea of (finally!) making our apartment fresh and beautiful what comes to furniture. All the furniture we had was bought by my fiancee and his old roomie. I just moved in with two suitcases couple years ago.


I’m pretty happy to finally have more my kind of home. It’s not finished yet though. I will do a before and after post a little later. We’re still missing some details but the biggest things like couch, kitchen table, etc. are all set. Yeah!



Blog, Social and Photography


IMG_5537 kopio

Above: Lately I’ve fallen in love with trying new things like landscapes, mystery forests and colorful illustration. See more in Shutterstock.





I started my own business this month. Feels good! I’m selling my photos, illustration and content creating services. I wish that one day I could work remotely and earn a living with that.


What comes to blogging I wasn’t as effective with commenting others and sharing content as usually because I was quite tired after the sick leave and many exams. Anyhow, I managed to post 14 times which is still within my target level (3-5 times a week).


Lately I’ve also got super excited about Pinterest and my profile nowadays has over 130.000 views a month which is crazy. Like couple months ago that number was a bit over 1.000. Anyone interested in a post how I increased my numbers? Here is my Pinterest profile .



Above: Happy photographer enjoying the nature in Espoo, Finland





This April I managed to post 14 times. This included 5 travel, 5 lifestyle, 4 style and 0 wellness posts. All the posts are linked below.


January had strong a focus on wellness, February , March and this month I have been more focused on lifestyle and travel.




All the Posts of April 2018: ADD LINKS



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30.4. April Wrap Up (this post)



Above: Between all the healthy busy life it’s good to have some not so strict times like this one. I went to Kuopio to a hotel – once again and this was my “food” for a day haha. I love those Starbucks skinny lattes and blueberries!


Which post was your favorite? How was your April?

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