Wedding Planning Update: 3 Months to Wedding

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As the most you might know, we’re getting married upcoming summer (summer 2018). At the moment there is about 3 months to the day. Earlier I wrote a to do list of things to do before wedding, you can find it here.


The last month has included a little bit of drama because we heard that in our venue there will be some construction work happening this year which is not good. At first we were thinking of moving or canceling the whole wedding – I mean, if you pay a huge bunch of money for one day you don’t want to get anything but the best service and atmosphere.


Anyhow, we figured out a solution to this. … And the planning was able to continue again.



So What’s Already Done



Above: We’ve finally bought some materials for the cards and me and my bridesmaid have also done some drafting with these. I’ll reveal the final result after our guest have seen these live. 🙂


  • We have booked the reception, we’ll get all foods, drinks, decoration and some other things from here
  • We have booked the church
  • I have chosen bridesmaid and found dress for her
  • He has chosen bestmen
  • We have booked honeymoon flights and done some planning (learn how to book those flights here!)
  • Booked the photographer for the day and for the pre-wedding shots.
  • We’ve been looking for the ring, however we’re thinking that probably we’ll just go with our engagement rings
  • Hairdressers and makeup artist booked for me and the bridesmaid
  • I found and ordered the dress – it should arrive a month before wedding
  • We have asked most people if they’re available that day (unofficial save the dates)
  • We have started planning and drafting our flowers with the florist
  • Finally the invitations are done! We’ve been working on these crazy lot this month and I’m so happy that they’re done and pretty!



To Do During the Next Couple Months



Above: This sunset is from Ibiza March this year, probably we’ll see more similar things during our honeymoon 🙂


  • Book hotels for the honeymoon
  • Do some general planning about the wedding and the honeymoon
  • Start working on playlist and music
  • Find a DJ (the reception promised to send us some recommendations)
  • Take time to have prewedding photoshoot / plan when we’ll have that
  • Find dress suits for the groom and his bestmen
  • Find shoes, bag and other accessories for me
  • Go taste and decide the menu and its wines + decide food and drink menus
  • Do final decisions about the flowers



Other Updates about Wedding Planning



Above: Our wedding will be quite fancy, classy and beautiful and the colors from this photo will be quite much present during that day. 🙂





All the other photos are mine in this post but this one above and the featured image on top are a stock photos from Pixabay.


Have I forgot something important from our list?


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