10 Reasons to Visit Morocco

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Today my wonderful reader and freelance writer, Maria Bella from the UK, will share you her tips for traveling Morocco. This post includes 10 reasons to visit Morocco from her perspective. I hope you enjoy reading and leave your thoughts in comment box! If you’re interested in Maria’s previous articles, you can find couple of them here: Places You Must Visit in Morocco and Must Visit Beautiful Medina, Morocco. Following photos of this post are taken by Maria Bella’s friend and published with permission. The featured image at the top of the post is a stock photo.



10 Reasons to Visit Morocco




It’s always easy to find the reasons to travel, the curiosity of getting to know the people, culture and other symmetries or uncertainties of life makes us travel. Just at the start of your career, you’ll hear one thing frequently and it is to think out of the box. I had been through this and I had only question that never came out of my mouth was that ‘How is it possible to think out of the box when you’re sitting in a cubicle?’ I think it requires to get lost to be found again which is not easy.  Following the same routine for almost 2 years, I decided to at least replenish my holidays with some great travel plans.


A very first thing came in mind was to explore a diverse culture. The one that is beyond contemporary and more traditional. So, the planning procedure of thoughts and research came out with the result to plan my holidays to Morocco. While I was travelling to the kingdom of cultural diversity, I fell in love that since then I frequently plan short tours to Morocco on most of the vacations. If you’ve never been shaken up by the life, then travel every now and then.


1. Mild temperature




The country has a very mild temperature, which is not too cold or burning hot. No doubt that un may give you a serious glowing look but it is still bearable. Spring and Autumn are ideal seasons to visit Morocco.


2. People




People are more welcoming specially in backside areas of country. They are friendly and always want you to spend some time with them or at least have a lunch. Surprisingly, the people I met were more concerned about my safety then me.


3. Notable Historical Sites




One of the artistic heaven is Volubilis, damaged but worth visiting and then a fort of Portuguese. Other than that every Mosque and building is giving a clear vibe from the past.


4. Stunning Beaches




Essaouira is the city of beaches. This is the place to forget all your worries, either they are from back home or travel anxiety has just occupied the mind. Relax at the beach, try some surfing and let the worries blow away.


5. Straggling Desert




Although, it’s all sandy around but one can always fun in those sand dunes. The charming heat of desert is love. I don’t know if people enjoy wandering in the but I had the outclass experience. My friends were calling me insane to roam around as I could barely walk in the heat. Indeed, the insanity was fruitful.


6. Mountain Peaks




Apart from Atlas Mountains, there is Toukbal mountains in Morocco known as tallest Mountain peak. Well, the place is wonderful, serene and fabulous. Enjoy hiking or just choose some relevant tours.


7. Heaven for hikers and wanderers




There are small towns, villages and so many landscapes to walk through. Medinas are full of colours and one can always learn new ways of haggling. Night life in many cities is wide awake, you want to walk around or just need a break from a sunny day the try clubs or street side cafes to observe the lifestyle.


8. Delicious food cuisines




The food is delicious, for a moment you’ll wonder that what possible ingredients can be used to make this appealing dish. Spices, vegetables and garnishing methods are quite amazing.


9. Riads to Stay




In case you’ve gotten a chance then try staying in riads. I know you’ll find many luxury resorts but riads like hotels are also available and they are the best way to live a culture of Morocco.


10. Traditional Hammam




It’s little bit frightening for women specially but ends up really well. Forget the spa’s and you’ll love a traditional Hammam. By the end of the massage you’ll be relieved from every kind of depression and anxiety.



However, these reasons are merely mind satisfaction but really you need no reason to travel at a place. One just have to be a travel enthusiast and crazy enough to adjust in any circumstances. Travelling to Morocco is about adventure, history, and soulful experience to desert. Just get out of the box and don’t think, if you want it, then go for it.



Have you guys ever visited Morocco? Would you add something to Maria’s list?


Ps. If you’re interested in writing a guest article to Dreamer Achiever, please email me. At the moment I’m building a 10 reasons to visit -series with this kind of articles about different countries. Let me know if you’re interested in collaborating with me for this project! 🙂


  1. Morroco is so beautiful, love reading this article. 🙂
    I think that this place is on my wishlist too but unfortunately, I think that this trip to Morroco is not gonna happen in any time soon.


    1. I’ve actually never been in Africa myself so this article by Maria sure made me want to visit! It might take couple years before that happens but it will happen though. 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed the article!


  2. I’ve never been to Morocco or had an interest on travelling there, (don’t know why though, it looks absolutely gorgeous!!). This definitely raised my interest 🙂


    1. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the post. Maria seemed to be really loving this country according to our emails before this post. 🙂


  3. I haven’t been to Morocco, but this place is on my never-ending list with places I would love to visit. Wonderful reading Nora, this post is very interesting and helpful. Love the idea of guest posts.


    1. I hope you can visit there one day, Helene! 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed the posts and the concept of having guest posts.


  4. Great article. Like it how you present it.
    I have just been to Morocco, and your pictures and writings brought back truckloads of memories and made me nostalgic. My travels and my travel pictures are documented in my travel blog as well. I would highly appreciate it if you take some time out and review my travelogue, write down your review comments and if you like the content, follow my work. I would love to do the same as well!
    I would also love to work with you soon! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment, Dip! I’ll check you blog out, it sounds interesting 🙂 I’m also happy to hear that you enjoyed Morocco.


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