Wedding Planning Update: 2 Months to Wedding

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Our wedding is just around the corner – only two months to the big day left! If you’re planning a wedding or wondering what should be done and when I hope these updates help you with the planning.


Here are my previous posts about our process:



Wedding Planning Update: 2 Months to Wedding



Above: Trying all the food options, wine pairings, breads, drinks, etc. It was super fun and I’m so glad we chose a wonderful reception that offers us excellent service, excellent food and good wines. So easy! 🙂


So, What’s Already Done


  • We have booked the reception
  • We have tested the menus and chosen foods, drinks and cake
  • We have booked the church and chosen the priest
  • Bridesmaid and bestmans are already chosen and their working on our bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • We have booked honeymoon flights and done some planning (PLAN POST & BOOKING FLIGHT MULTI-DESTINATION)
  • Booked the photographer for the day and for the pre-wedding shots – we should choose the day for prewedding and give him a brief of the day
  • We’ve been looking for the ring, however we’re thinking that probably we’ll just go with our engagement rings
  • Hairdressers and makeup artist booked for me and the bridesmaid
  • I found and ordered the dress – it should arrive a month before wedding
  • He has chosen suits for him and his bestmans
  • We have sent or given most invitations, like 3/4 are all set now
  • We have decided our flowers with the florist
  • We have found heels for me
  • DJ and sound equipment booked



Above: I found Heels for the wedding, yeah! These gorgeous light beige heels are from Högl. They do amazing shoes that are beautiful and comfy at the same time. I love their classy style and simplicity.



To Do for the Next Months



Above: Lately I’ve stayed much in hotels in Kuopio, Finland. I hope that during the honeymoon I can see a bit different hotels and different places haha.


  • Book the rest of the hotels for the honeymoon
  • Do some general planning about the wedding and the honeymoon
  • Start workin on playlist and music with DJ
  • Take time to have prewedding photoshoot / plan when we’ll have that
  • Find bag and other accessories for me
  • Decide his accessories
  • Do final plan of the (ohjelma)
  • Work with our pieces of the (ohjelma) – vows, dance and photo / video show
  • See the priest and the church and plan that part of the day
  • Finish gift list (how this can be the hardest part of the planning? I’ve worked on this list for months already but it’s just hard because we don’t really need much since we have small home where we have lived for two years together already).




Above: Cheers for the progress! I’m sure that we’ll get everything done in time and I’m happy of the choices we’ve done so far. I guess with good planning it’s impossible to fail too bad. 🙂



Do you think I’ve forgot something from our list? Have you ever planned a wedding? What was the easiest part? What was the hardest part?


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