March Wrap Up 2018

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Where did the winter go? It’s time to go trough the achievements, posts and experiences of March and wrap it up already. For me March has gone super fast. The month started with an exam and almost straight from there we left to Geneva and Ibiza. After that I had couple of weeks of work and uni aka everyday life. At the end of the month I had a surgery, to be more exact a rhinoplasty / nosejob. And at the moment I’m recovering from that.



Above: This is how it has looked in Kuopio, Finland 99% of this month. Tooooo much snow. I really wish that after my two weeks sick leave it’s not snowy anymore!


I’m doing well at the moment but still healing. The good thing though is that when I’m mostly at home I have a lot of time for brainstorming ideas and writing. 🙂



Studies & Work



Above: Studying in my favorite library in Helsinki, Rikhardinkadun kirjasto


This month has included one exam in med school. What comes to economics I finished one course as well. I’m doing pretty well with my studies actually. I have couple more exams coming and some other things but I really think I’ll successfully finish (about) all courses of this year.


What comes to work, everything is going well. I have a bit less university stuff this month which makes it easier to do well at work. I’ve been busy because I had to manage doing all the things of full month irrespective of the travels and surgery.


This month I also had some time to work with other projects like my book and photography. The book actually took a mammoth step forward during the holiday because I was able to write around 20 hours during that week. Soon I should start looking for publisher for it, how cool (and scary) is that?



Healthy Living



Above: I’ve been mostly eating super healthy but I’m still not too strict what comes to food. For example this month we went to hard rock cafe, Helsinki for some burgers. Nope, I did not manage to eat it all but it’s nice to eat something different time to time.


Because of surgery I’ve been focusing a lot on healthy living. Especially, I’ve eaten very healthy. I’ve also tried to be active every day. What comes to my food after surgery I’ve been basically living with smoothies and soups – healthy but it’s kind of hard to eat only liquids for more than day or two.


I was again sick part of the month which made it a bit hard to stick with the gym goals but at least I’ve been walking around a lot and being active in general. I’ve also payed a lot of attention on eating enough greens and sleeping.



Blog and Social





Above: Me and my fiancée in a plane – we’ve been traveling a lot this month so there huuuge amount of material collected for blog posts. 🙂 Ps. Yup, he’s almost feet (22cm) taller than me haha.


I’ve been very constant with blogging during this year. I’ve also done some updates to Instagram. I could be more active in other media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, YouTube, etc. I’ll hopefully find time to do a plan how to improve sometime soon. I’d love to know you guys better and be more active. I just wish I’d find better ways and some extra time to do that.


At the moment I’m also working with some amazing fellow writers to do some guest posts and get some guest to write for this blog as well. I’m super excited to team up with all these amazing people for these projects!


During March I’ve anyhow gained additional followers which I find really motivating. Remember to follow this blog if you enjoy reading! It really means a lot to me and keeps me motivated! ❤






Above: In Geneva it was raining one day so I had full day for blogging and Cappuccinos.


This March I managed to post 13 times. This included 6 travel, 5 lifestyle, 2 style and 0 wellness posts. All the posts are linked below.


January had strong focus on wellness, February and March are have been more focused on lifestyle and travel because I had a lot of interesting things to share with you in those areas. When summer gets closer and closer there will also be more outfits because it’s a lot nicer to shoot those when it’s warm and sunny. When the fall comes there will be a lot of content about our wedding and honeymoon.



Posts of March 2018:


3.3. Hotel Review (Skapo Apartments, Vilnius) 


5.3. Our First Puppy / Dog Show 


8.3. Mook Review – the Best Pancakes Ever!



Above: Mook


10.3. OOTD: Winter Casual Look 


12.3. Hotel Review (Radisson Latvia) 


14.3. OOTD: Graduation Party Look for My Bachelor of Medicine Graduation 



Above: Graduation party OOTD


16.3. Coming Soon: a Nosejob – What, Where and Why? 


19.3. Hostel Review: Nyon Hostel, Nyon, Switzerland


21.3. 10 Reasons to Visit Morocco (Guest post by Maria Bella)


24.3. Wedding Planning Update: 3 Months to Wedding



Above: Nyon


26.3. Exploring Nyon – Spring in Nyon in Photos 


28.3. Blog Anniversary #4 – What Have I Achieved so Far?


31.3. March Wrap Up (this post)



Above: I cannot wait to share our experiences from Ibiza during next month or two! 🙂 This photo and the featured image are both taken in Ibiza during March.


How was your March? Which of this month’s posts was your favorite and why? 


    1. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed reading the round up, Phaytea! I have been sick too much this year already. I hope I can be better the rest of the year. Also, get better soon, hugs!


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