Dinner Cruise Experience In Paris

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In Paris we tried another dinner cruise, because our first time was amazing in NYC last October. This one was with a less luxurious boat called La Calife. We chose it because of good reviews and valuable price (around 200-300€ for two including drinks and menu of either 3 or 5 courses. We chose 3 this time). The indoor of the boat was very beautiful even thought it didn’t look very special from outside. This cruise let us see Paris with all lights of the night and it was really stunning compared to daytime when Paris is just one of the big cities for us. This post will mostly include photos because I think that’s how it’s easier to introduce that experience to you.

If you’re wondering, should I take a cruise in Paris? – My answer is YES, as long as you take a nighttime cruise or a dinner cruise! 🙂

Champagne 5/5
Gourmet Salad 4/5
Goat Cheese 3/5

Rumb Steak with Sichuan Pepper Sauce 4/5
Wine (Sauvignon Blanc) 4/5

Three-Spice Creme brûlée 3.5/5
Chocolate Delight 4.5/5

View 5/5
Service 4.5/5











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