Wine Founds April 2016 TOP 3 / Wine Theme Post 4/8

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Tasty, balanced and valuable wines are great but sometimes hard to find. Today I’ll share my top 3 wine founds of the month. There will be two whites and one red with short reviews. All of these are excellent, especially when compared to price – all are between 8-15€ (around 9-17$) per bottle.


Below I have photos, basic information and reviews of my new favorites. In case you want to learn more about tasting wine check my previous post! I have also written about my more professional wine tasting experience in Paris and wineware that will help you to host your own tasting.  





1. White: Villa Maria Private Bin Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2015



– Origin: New Zealand

– Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

– Price: 8€ / 38cl (around 9$ / 13oz)



– Appearance: Clear, yellow tone

– Aroma: Very strong and nice scent! Can be smelled from shoulder level. Smells like currants

– Taste: Very fresh tasting Sauvignon that has a lot currants (red & white), some citrus and herbs and hint of minerals in taste

– Pair with: seafood and mild young cheese such as goat cheese or young gouda





2. Red: Cecilia Beretta Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso 2013



– Origin: Italy

– Grape: Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone, Negrana

– Price: 15€ / 75cl (around 17$ / 25oz)



– Appearance: Beautiful bluish red color, some more orange color can been seen at the borders. This wine also has some legs.

– Aroma: Aroma is quite strong and includes primarily berries and cherries, after whirling you can also smell spices and chocolate.

– Taste: This wine is full-bodied and the taste is berries and spices with some oak. This would be a perfect Chrismas wine!


– Pair with: meat, chicken, strong cheese





3. White: Devil’s Rock Riesling 2014



– Origin: Germany

– Grape: Riesling

– Price: 8.70€ / 75cl (around 9$ / 25oz)



– Appearance: Clear, greenish yellow color.

– Aroma: Nice however mild aroma of citrus, pineapple and some apple.

– Taste: Medium dry, fresh taste with lots of pineapple, mildly herbal aftertaste.


– Pair with: Enjoy itself or pair with mild young cheese, fish or chicken.



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