Exploring Paris, Day 3 Notes & Photos

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Third day in Paris included excellent Parisian (and Italian) food in restaurants, some wine tasting and well, napping in the hotel room. We also got really French taxi experiences when we went to wine tasting and the driver didn’t speak any English. Somehow we however found us in the right place. Felt a bit touristy at that point haha.

11-12 breakfast Rosin’s home (again haha but it was just too delicious!). This time I had same Quiche Lorraine than last time, still water and a cheese cake, my boyfriend took a breakfast menu that included toast, croissant and a cup of coffee.

12-16 napping (yep, that’s what tired pollen allergic travelers did in Paris). Just to mention air in Paris is not as clear as you might imagine, or the city in general it’s not green parks and fresh air. It’s a big city, full of buildings, sidewalks made of tone or sand and a lot of dust (compared to Scandinavian countries like Finland). We got quite bad allergic symptoms and a flu while we where in Paris. It’s a nice city to visit but if you have any allergies don’t forget your medicines!


17-19 wine tasting in Paris that was an amazing experience! Read more about it in a separate post I did earlier (click here to read it now!) 



21-22 Mipi pizza. The appetizer we shared (Fagottino ã moi) was super delicious. It included different tastes and textures from crunchy bread to salty ham and fresh rucola and tomatoes. It included also some vinegar based dressing (that’s btw very common in salads in France, or at least in Paris). We also shared two different pizzas. The mushroom one, Sottobosco, was quite a disappointment but the another one ham + ricotta pizza, Il Calzone, was amazing. The idea of Mipi is to share and combine your pizzas so we tried that too – and mushroom one actually turned into a good choice because it worked very nicely with Il Calzone. 🙂

22-23 After eating we spent an hour walking around (or to be honest we very looking for a store or cafe that sells macarons haha). In Paris everything (except some restaurants) is closed on Sundays and after 9pm – be prepared for that!


  1. That food looks sooo yummy! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. I’ll definitely need to look into a nice wine tasting when I finally go lol

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