Last Two Weeks of April / Instagram Pictures

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Couple weeks ago I promised to do photo post about last two weeks of April. Those weeks and the first two weeks of May have been really busy. Last weeks of April were full of deadlines and studies, first weeks of May have been full of travel planning, meeting everyone to have good time for the last time for a while (I never say it’s final goodbye, we all will meet again somewhere someday, right? At least I want to believe so, it makes goodbyes just a little easier). Anyway back to April with photos:


Studying in library. I like libraries and think I’m more efficient there. ONU has a great library btw.


Last package to ONU. I got just some energy drink powder, photography paper and a portfolio folder. … And a lot of air in a huge box haha.


Hump day & camel rides on campus! 😀


Going to class in ONU’s beautiful campus. I can’t stop loving how beautiful this turned for late April. 🙂


I’ve enjoyed the sun by just hanging out with friends outdoors. Here you can see a typical view in American campus – guys are playing with a football in front of a fraternity house and girls are just chilling. What tells you this is from ONU is squirrels photobombing. There is dozens of squirrels in ONU. Btw did you knew that squirrels can be at least brown, red or black?


We studied until the security kicked us out from MacIntosh Center 1am. I’m happy that deadweek is over!


More deadweek shots. I worked with my photography portfolio until 2am for couple nights before the deadline. I’m happy that it ended up really nice and was worth of all the hard work.

instagramdreamerachievernora.4.15fHaha this one is kind of cheating because this pic is taken 7th of May but I just wanted to share my new too nice hair with you. It’s finally blonde – and pretty, equally toned, non-yellow blonde. 🙂 I’ll do couple long posts with before, after & on my way there pictures of this project soon.

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Pps. This post is scheduled I’m enjoying New York at the moment 🙂

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