Super Quick What’s Up Update

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Hey guys!

I’m really busy, exited & tired at the same time! Today was my 3rd day in NYC and I’ve 3 more left. We’ve been living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with my Finnish friend. We’ve explored many different areas of the city, met friends here, ate a lot of good foods from different countries, got really nice tan and met many amazing people! … And a lot more. 🙂

I’ve been posting some photo updates into my Instagram so make sure you follow me! @dreamerachievernora !! I’ll post photos and longer texts and reviews when I’m back in Finland. Anyway it have been great here and I already look forward to my next time in the city. If you ever have an opportunity to come here, do it!

That’s all for today, have sweet dreams guys and enjoy the warm weather! ❤

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