“Dead week” – Wednesday’s What’s Up Update

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Huh! I’m happy that I wrote texts for two previous posts during last weekend because this week has been killing me. Last weekend I was laughing to opening hours of campus library this and next week 6.30am to 2am? Who would be studying that time. Well, I’ve been.

I’ll do better post with photos in some point but I just want to let you guys know that I’m running out of extra time at the moment. On Monday I was working with my school projects from 9am to 3am and yesterday (Tuesday) from 8am to 2am. So I’ve slept like 8 hours during last too nights. Not too nice. However I’m really happy that with tons of caffeine it was actually pretty fine and I was actually very efficient.

I had one presentation on Monday and tomorrow I’ll have my last presentation of this exchange. Awesome and horrible at the same time. Yesterday we had last dance performance evaluations before finals week. My lecturer said that I’ve made huge improvements. I think she is right. I still feel that I’m the worst one in my class but I’ve worked really hard and I’m better dancer now. I have learned more dance vocabulary and technical part than I could have ever imagined. I’m also grateful that I met all great people from that department. I’m little sad that I didn’t have enough time to get to know them better. One semester is really short amount of time – especially if you take courses from 5 different departments.

Today I finished the assignment that I waited for entire semester. I did my first, real, printed photography portfolio. I was working 24/7 for a week to finnish that in time. I took thousands of photos and learned so much about cameras, history, photographing techniques, lighting, working with a model and especially editing that I couldn’t be happier that my friend encouraged me to take that course. I think it really changed my exchange experience way better than it would have been without it. This course also gave me courage to publish my photos and finally ask someone to model for me. Creativity is easier in US. This gave me great kick start to become great photographer. It would be superb to work half-professionally with photos & editing. I think I don’t want it to be my only or main job but I definitely am hungry to learn more and take more pictures – and of course, better pictures.

On photography class we voted our favorite portfolios in 5 categories. I won portrait category. We had 18 students in the class so I’m pretty happy. All my classmates are very talented people and they all have improved their skills a lot. I’m proud of all of them – and especially of myself. I worked hard and learned a lot. 🙂

I think I’m going to sleep from like 10 or 11pm tonight. Feeling super-sleepy. No caffein for tonight.

Kisses & hugs to everyone struggling with dead week, upcoming finals and other deadlines! It will be over in two weeks and we can make our way there! 🙂

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