Vegan Protein Bars in Review (Inbars & NuGoSlim)

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This time I’m reviewing 100% vegan protein bars that I found from my University. All bars are paid with my real money in case you’re interested. Whoever pays I’m honest with my opinion. 🙂 I’m not a vegan but if I can choose eco-friendly meatless option I prefer doing it just because it’s good for environment and it’s also healthier in most cases. These bars have pretty fine nutritional facts and tastes sound good so I decided to try.

All Inbars I tried are 2.0oz (56g) and include about 170 calories, 10-11g protein, 21 grams carbs (10g fiber, 7g sugar) and 5g fat (all saturated). They are very allergy friendly – no wheat (gluten), soy, eggs, corn, dairy or nuts. They are also low in sodium. Additionally they are 100& GMO-free and kosher. And maybe something else too, too many good things are written to wrappers of them. 😀


Inbar Chocolate Mint

Texture: Nice & crunchy, not too moist or dry. Little similar to falafel.

Taste: Nice, sweet and chocolicous not too sweet. Bitter at first but nice aftertaste.

Stars(1-5): 3


Inbar Cherry Chocolate

Texture: Nice & moist, slightly crunchy. Real cherry pieces included.

Taste: Delicious, sweet, includes pieces of real cherries, yummy! Little too sweet to me but I think most Americans would say this is perfectly sweet. Weird smell – really strong artificial cherry scent.

Stars(1-5): 4



Inbar Strawberry Banana

Texture: Feels like banana muffin. Moist, solid, little crunchy.

Taste: Strong banana taste. Tastes like banana muffin. I don’t taste any strawberry even thought I can see pieces of dried strawberry. Good bar and good after taste but do not buy this if you want something that tastes strawberry.

Stars(1-5): 4.5


Inbar Chocolate Fudge

Texture: Moist & little crunchy chocolate cookie

Taste: Very sweet, strong chocolate taste. Little salty. Very American chocolate protein bar – little similar taste than in Hersey’s chocolate.

Stars(1-5): 4

I also tested one flavor of NuGoSlim bars. That’s 1.59oz (45g): calories, 17g protein, 18g carbs, 3g sugar, 7g fiber, 7g fat, 3g saturated – vegan, no maltitol, no artificial sweeteners.


NuGoSlim Crunchy Peanut Butter

Texture: Crunchy cereal feeling mass covered with dark chocolate. Very dry.

Taste: quite bitter. You can taste chocolate and maybe some peanut butter. Bitterness of dark chocolate dominates the flavor. If you like dry and bitter bars I would recommend this to you.

Stars(1-5): 2.5

Would I buy these again?

I would buy Inbar Strawberry Bananas. I could also buy other Inbars in case there would be those ones. What comes to NuGoSlims I really like their nutritional values but the texture and taste is not too good. However, I could buy them when I don’t want anything sugary or sweet. I didn’t find new favorites but good choices though! 🙂

Do you eat vegan protein bars? What is your favorite brand / flavor?

Ps. It’s nice to realize couple weeks before my exchange is over the we can use our dining dollars to buy protein bars, sodas, gum, etc. in that store / restaurant (White Bear) not only to buy coffees and sandwiches in university’s café (NoM). Haha. I was worried that I cannot buy enough lattes to use all my dining dollars but problem solved! 🙂

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