What Do with Your Life When You Love Everything You Do?

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I’ve had little crisis about what I should do with my life what comes to career. I have already, in age of 22 made 8 years career mostly in sales and business related companies. I’ve been selling self-baked cakes, cookies, etc. I’ve sold huge amount of strawberries and flower and oh, I’ve been also helping maybe tens of thousands of people choosing right computer, phone, camera and other electronic devices and of course I’ve also sold all related items like memory cards, bags, insurances, services and list goes on… for those customers. Moreover I’m a licensed personal trainer and I’ve worked as a group fitness instructor in different companies in Helsinki area. And oh, I’ve been marketing a movie, saving lives in a water park and selling pets. I’m quite sure I forgot something but the point was there are many of them.

What comes to working without making any money, also known as volunteering I’ve been active in different non-profit organizations since I was 13. I’ve been in charge of three big rabbit and rodent show events when I was 15 and 16. Before and after that I’ve been helping with organizing couple more. I’ve also been project assistant of the local branch of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Association) for a year 2014-2015. This year I’ll be volunteering at in one festival in Finland and I’ve already been building houses for homeless in States.

What comes to my studies I’ve never been able to choose just one thing to do. As I wrote before I’m a personal trainer. I’ve also studied travel industry for couple weeks. However that school wasn’t challenging enough so I quit, started new job and applied to medical school. I went there because I have always been interested in how human body works, I have also been very good in biology and chemistry and I knew that I wouldn’t ever have to worry about unemployment. In this planet they always need physicians somewhere

After studying medicine for a year I was missing business a lot. I missed all lovely customers and my own competition of making more profits to the company and earning money. I found myself reading about investing, I found myself picking a marketing class, a law class and everything else but medicine. And those were my favorite classes. However I spent huge amount of my spare time watching surgeries from YouTube and reading surgery books – I just wasn’t too excited on the medical physics, chemistry, etc. that we had during the first year.

I’ve been wondering which one to choose. I hear many people having problems because they don’t like anything enough. Well, my problem is that I love too many things. I could be a Broadway dancer having own dance equipment shop chain. I would love to own punch of luxurious hotels. I would love to sell design cars. I would love to be marketing director of some of my favorite brands. I would love to do something that includes photographing or telling someone how to edit photos. I also love writing. Moreover I’m dreaming to become the world’s best plastic surgeon. And the worst thing is that I’m actually very quick to learn new things and I am good on many things. (I don’t know how to sing jazz or drive a plane but there are plenty of things I’m good at though.)

So what to choose? It has been my big question for years. I’ve tried hard to find an answer by asking friends and family, I’ve talked to multiple student counselors, I have done literally dozens of tests via Internet. But still, I never felt that “okay, now I’ve chosen and I’m ready to forget all the other options”. If I would choose one, couple things has to be clear: I’m sure I won’t be happy by making just one million or doing same stuff with same faces everyday – and I want to be the one saying last word and leading the success.

I know I want to meet people, I want to have different days, weeks and years, I want to be excited and doing everything I do because of my passion. I love doing long hours as long as I love my work. Longest week so far have been 78,5 hours. I liked it because I loved my job. I’ve only had two jobs (of my about 20) that I really didn’t like that much. Those fortunately were like 7 years ago so I guess I’ve learned my lesson to not to take anything too easy again. I need challenges, I need some kind of incentives or bonuses, and I love to have job driven people around me.

During last couple months I’ve had some extra time that I’ve spent exercising with a crosstrainer and watching documentaries from YouTube. I’ve watched documentaries about most successful and rich people in the world. I’m not interested about people born to be rich and famous but the people who have build themselves and reached the success nobody but they believed they could.

Couple things they all had in common: multiple careers at the same time and passion to do what they are doing. I don’t know why I haven’t realized it before but whatever business you choose the most succeeded people they all have multiple projects going on. They move forward by doing multiple things that make them more money, name and opportunities.

Let me take couple very different examples of people I appreciate a lot:

Warren Buffet: Man from small village and poor family. Man who turned ten thousand dollars to billions in couple decades. He has got his feet wet in so called real works and invested in multiple companies during his life. Thing I really appreciate in him is the fact he does the opposite than most  people – he always believes himself and that makes him a lot of money. He makes his own analyses and takes part in companies from textiles to automobiles if he thinks it’s worth of money. Multiple industries, one man talented and huge amount of success. Irrespective of all he had reached he is still living in his hometown without luxury around him. That’s how he has always loved to live.

Annabella Daily: This one is not as well known as the other two I mentioned but at least as good career maker! She is a woman, mother and New Yorker with amazing CV. She wasn’t even twenty when she moved from Finland to New York to create her dream career in fashion industry. She has been modeling, writing, blogging, working for example for YouTube. Nowadays she runs her own business. She is super hardworking, brave and successful woman. And like Warren she had done multiple things in many companies – even at the same time. One thing that’s very cool in Annabella is that she has always stood behind her values – ecofriendly and ethical business. I really appreciate people who don’t loose their values and personality even after reaching everything you could ever imagine.

Nicky Minaj: A Fabulous rap star. Doing music, designing at least clothes and make-ups, hosting tv shows, giving interviews, organizing parties. Working long hours to things she loves. She is a brand, people want to look her and smell her – and she makes money of that. Warren and Annabella are more close to earth people whereas Nicky is covered with luxury – cards, diamonds and everything a girl could ever dream of. She is living in a real life Barbie house with a pink Lamborghini. That’s what she has dreamed of and what she loves. Often people think if money would make them happy. I believe that doing and living things you love makes you happy. But with some dreams you definitely need money to make them come true.

After all this, I promise not to question my passion to multiple things and industries. About all the people I look up have done multiple things even though that’s not what mainstream does. I don’t know where exactly I’m in twenty years but I’m quite sure that if I were Warren I wouldn’t be able to name all companies I will invest in next twenty years. I just keep getting better in things I love and let my passion drive me to new opportunities. In twenty years I’ll be even happier than now, I’ll be something bigger – and I’ve made my first millions.

Do you know where you’ll be in twenty years? Who are your biggest motivators in life?

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