Self-Portraits for Photography class Part 1 of 4 / Poledancing

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18mm, 1/30, f/3,5, ISO 1250

I love my pole, I love to smile, I love colors, I’m very open person (position my arms is symbolizing that 😉 )

In my photography class the second assignment was self-portrait. The picture should tell something about us and also be a creative and good portrait. I wanted to take a lot of pictures with different themes to tell a whole picture of me. We always return a contact sheet of 24 photos to evaluation. The contact sheet represents our process and things we have tried. We also return 1-2 bigger printed photos that should be our best photos.

Because I think it’s very important to get as much feedback as possible I decided I will publish some of my self-portraits here. Before I published some photos from my first assignment. You can find all my photography related posts under category “Photography” (CLICK HERE).

I will publish the photos of this assignment in 4 post that will be published in:

  • 1st Poledancing – hobby I love / today
  • 2nd Playing with money and scalpel / March 11th
  • 3rd Photoshopped / March 12th
  • 4th Miscellaneous + this will include couple tips to good self-portrait / March 15th


24mm, 1/100, f/4, ISO 3200

Even though this one hurts quite a lot I love to this and it looks cool! I wanted to tell I’m optimistic person who always tries to see the bright side of life by watching to light. With yellow colors on top I wanted to enhance message.


18mm, 1/30, f/3,5, ISO 1000

This one is not my favorite photo what comes to technical site (lights, focus, etc) but with this I want to say that yes, you can! I haven’t been the little monkey when I was little, I was terrified couple years ago when I first time did handstands and other upside-down stuff. And now I’m comfortable doing that with a pole. If I can, you can! 🙂


18mm, 1/30, f/3,5, ISO 1000

One more “Hey there it’s me and I love my life and pole!” -photo 🙂 I love my position and the focus of this photo. My body might not perfect (yet) but I’m having fun – I love to be up there and say Hey to you guys. 🙂


18mm, 1/60, f/4, ISO 400, built-in flash used

This one is for everyone who thinks pole dancers are strippers or something like that. “Honey please, it’s exercise” I’m saying with my face. Btw my friend helped we with other pictures but this is a selfie with super heave EOS 550D – and no, you cannot see the screen or focus is you’re shooting a selfie with it. I was lucky with this one!

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