Hello Ohio & Studies, I’m Back

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Huh! I arrived back to campus late yesterday and since them I was supposed to be studying. However I’ve instead slept, studied a bit and found my childhood / early teen years favorite movie (The Lizzie McGuire) from YouTube and watched it. So nice and brainless when you’re just super tired!

The trip was great in all aspects – great people, fun games, sunny weather, doing good and getting 2000 photos. What else you could expect? (Okay, no exercising and so on but still it was awesome).

I have one midterm tomorrow and deadlines of two papers and one other assignment next week. I try to publish my experience in couple parts during next two weeks though. In case you have any questions or wishes what you want to know or see about my Spring Break or Habitat now is great time to leave a comment and ask.


I just wanted to tell you guys I’m still alive and since today I’ll carry on posting and answering comments in my regular 3-7 times a week schedule. 🙂

Ps. Sumter has greatest cars of all US cities I’ve been so far (okay Chicago had great ones too but compered to the population Sumter is definitely the number one!). One of our supervisors had super cool Chevy Silverado so I just had to take a selfie with it. I’ve seen that model in million car shows in Finland but it was superb to see one good-looking oldie in it’s natural environment. In my opinion cool car is either brand new or museum aged old and good-looking. And you see more cars from the first category in general here. You see new ones and crabby old ones but not too many fabulous old ones. I would love to have new good everyday car and this kind of car for summertime. Btw it’s quite weird to me that almost none of cars in Sumter had shields in front. That’s illegal in Finland but I guess it can’t be in South Carolina?

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