10 Photography Ideas & 5 Goals for 2019

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It’s time to set up some more goals for 2019! Today, it’s time for 2019 photography goals. I’ve already done some general resolutions which you can find from a previous post. I hope you guys get inspired to try some new ways to do photography by this post. 🙂


I’ve been doing stock photography for couple of years now. This year is anyhow different since I have a study leave from my actual job which means less time spend behind the wheel or with customers, and more time spent doing photos and editing.


I’m am doing photography for multiple sites at the moment, you can find me and my portfolio from Shutterstock, Alamy, iStock, DreamsTime, 123rf and Rodeo. Additionally, you can find some of my photos from Suomen Luontokuvakauppa.


At the end of 2019 I’ll do a follow up to this post and share with you guys how I did with my 2019 photography goals and ideas!






10 Photography goals and ideas for 2019



TOP10 Photography Ideas for 2019



1. Small Details




Small details are something I love. They can be shot with macro objective or in some cases with a regular one. While baking for Christmas I found syrup and water drops very beautiful and love to get beautiful shots about things like those and additionally some of details in nature, buildings, etc.



2. Christmas Flatlays and Still Lives




I got super inspired by some photos I saw in one Christmas photography competition so I decided to do my own ones. I’m heading to do some perfect Christmas flatlays with lights, gingerbread cookies, cookie cutters, candles, etc. These will be published before Christmas 2019 to different photo stocks.



3. Gorgeous Firework Shots




I succeeded in making beautiful firework shots for the first time in New Year’s Eve 2018 and I got so excited that I definitely want to do more these during 2018. If you’re interested, make sure the camera is stable and use long shutter speed, as small as possible ISO and f between 8-16.



4. Winter and Snow Theme




I would love to do some snow shots. Especially forest during wintertime here in Finland is very photogenic. Also, I would love to get some beautiful snow and ice closeups. In Finland we are not having much daylight during winter so when I was working I didn’t have much time to do these. During 2019 I will have plenty of days off so I can finally get some beautiful daytime winter photos.



5. Technology Theme




I’ve been working more or less in geeky companies – I’ve been in cafe that hosted lans for gamers, I’ve been selling about all possible tech devices and I have my own company around digital including tech devices like computers and cameras… But I have never done photoshoot with tech theme! So, I guess this has to be fixed and I’m planning to shoot things like cables, camera equipments, etc. In general I love photographing pretty things but it’s also interesting to challenges myself to do something different and still create something beautiful.



6. Editorial Shots


I have only done commercial shots to photography stocks and of course I have also done some work for clients directly. However, lately I figured out what editorial means and that it can offer whole lot of new opportunities to share things happening around me and monetize them. So, this year I aim to shoot some editorials in addition to the commercials.



7. 4K Videos


Still photography has always been my strongest area but I believe that if you have a will you have a way. So, I have decided that I’ll learn to master videos as well and start selling theme. Both my GoPro and my iPhone can do 4K 60fps and high quality Full HD – and I even have all the pro softwares on my Mac. So, I guess there is no excuses and this is the perfect time to start. I will still do more stills during 2019 but my goal is to get some 4K videos through the (arviointi) of the stock sites and even sell some of those.



8. Colorful Abstracts




I love colors. I love textures. And I love abstract art. I’ve done some photos of surfaces and textures already but during 2019 I want take more colorful and abstract way to do these. I have already done some interesting ones but I’m stoked to do even more and start selling some of these.



9. Long Exposure




I have photographed for over 15 years but I have never been much into long exposure photos. One reason why was that I have never been good taking my tripod with me. Anyhow, I’m aiming to get better with taking it with me. I’ve also figured out that I can use long exposure with timer mode even without the pod sometimes. So, this year I’ll do at least some long exposure shot to sell – cars creating those colorful lines, water of the waterfalls, etc.



10. Delicious Food Photography




Like some of you know, after a long break from food & baking blogging, I started a new blog called Yummycado. I obviously need content for that and also, I love food, baking and food photography. So, I’m aiming to do a lot of photos of foods and the process of making them. These can be anything from flatlays via still lives to authentic moments in the kitchen.




*Photos of this post are stock photos



TOP5 Photography Goals for 2019


  1. Create a portfolio covering over 10.000 photos to Shutterstock


  1. Post photos actively to at least 10 different stocks during 2019


  1. Earn at least 500 euros (around 570USD) with stock photos


  1. Participate at least 10 photography competitions during 2019


  1. Get at least new 5 pieces of photography equipment (like lenses, bags, UV filters, flashes, etc.)



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Are you guys interested in learning more about stock  photography or photography in general? Let me know in comments if you have any questions!


What are you going to photograph this year? What are your goals?

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